Michio Kaku is the Headliner of MVM Future Talks About the Future of Planet Earth

Published November 20, 2023

MVM, the leading energy company of Hungary, is set to engage audiences worldwide with its unique online talk show, MVM Future Talks. The free, online programme focuses on the biggest challenges of planet Earth and humanity, featuring Dr. Michio Kaku theoretical physicist, bestselling author, acclaimed public speaker, renowned futurist, and popularizer of science. The show also features Hungarian scientists to share their views on three key topics about how science can help us saving the world. On mvmfuturetalks.com on November 23 from 6 PM CET.

BUDAPEST, HUNGARY / ACCESSWIRE / November 20, 2023 / Saving our world is the focus of this season of MVM's science series, MVM Future Talks. In the fourth season of the science series celebrities and key experts will present the most pressing global issues and the phenomena that threaten society and planet Earth most, along the so-called "planetary boundaries". The headliner of the event is Dr. Michio Kaku theoretical physicist, bestselling author, acclaimed public speaker, renowned futurist, and popularizer of science.

Dr. Michio Kaku
Dr. Michio Kaku
Michio Kaku Is The Headliner of MVM Future Talks About the Future of planet Earth

This year, the educational program focuses on energy security, food, transport, climate change, waste management and the role of artificial intelligence. Besides doomsday scenarios, science will take the center stage again. Will science be able to provide solutions for a sustainable future? If so, will we be able to live with them? MVM Future Talks 2023 will seek answers to these questions and more. The talk show is preceded by a documentary series with key Hungarian opinion leaders.

In the previous years, MVM Future Talks has explored the most important issues of the future, such as the data-driven future or the possibilities of space exploration, with the help of star scientists in a series of science-talk talk shows. This year the series is breaking out of the box with a seven-part series featuring mini-documentaries by Hungarian celebrities, more topics and a science-entertainment debate series.

For the first time in the history of the MVM Future Talks series, the celebrities and opinion leaders travelled around the world to personally investigate the global challenges threatening humanity and planet Earth. In a documentary-style video series, celebrity chefs, presenters and YouTubers show the most important issues of the future and the solutions science can offer. The MVM Future Talks ambassadors have filmed 6 mini-documentaries in 12 countries on three continents, including Singapore, the Maldives, the United Arab Emirates and Las Vegas. The results of the online voting have determined which three of the global challenges will be included in this year's science debate talk show: food, climate change and energy security.

The fourth MVM Future Talks online talk show will be available to watch free online at www.mvmfuturetalks.com on November 23 from 6.00 p.m. CET.

More information and online stream on November 23, 6 p.m. CET: www.mvmfuturetalks.com.

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