M2Bio-Discovery Centre for AI-Driven Phytomedicine Research: Update

Published September 13, 2023

CAPE TOWN, SOUTH AFRICA / ACCESSWIRE / September 13, 2023 / Institute of Biomedical Research Corp. (OTC PINK:MRES), a vanguard entity at the forefront of nutraceutical biotechnology, specializing in alternative plant-based cannabinoids, medical psilocybin, and cutting-edge mental health therapeutic research driven by artificial intelligence (AI), is pleased to present a groundbreaking update on its latest scientific endeavor:

M2Bio Sciences endeavors to usher in a paradigm shift within the realm of medical health by focusing on the foundational facet of drug discovery. Historically, pharmaceutical development has been indispensable in addressing various medical conditions, from combating bacterial pathogens to mitigating cardiovascular diseases. However, the drug discovery process has been characterized by exorbitant costs, protracted timelines, and ethical considerations involving animal and human trials. In light of the maturation of artificial intelligence, particularly in the domain of general AI, M2Bio posits that this process can be substantially expedited and rendered more cost-effective, with minimal ethical implications, through the utilization of machine learning (ML) models and mature general AI algorithms.

M2Bio Sciences has appointed Ze-ev Krein, an interdisciplinary scientist, and M2Bio Scientific Advisory Board Chairman, to spearhead this pioneering research initiative. Mr. Krein possesses a unique blend of expertise encompassing drug discovery, computer science, and legal background, which includes familiarity with compliance and the legal intricacies associated with drug research and discovery.

Krein, under the tutelage of Prof. Maharaj at the University of Pretoria, will conduct research that contributes both to M2Bio's drug discovery program and to his doctorate, focusing on the most advanced applications of AI in drug discovery. M2Bio will retain the intellectual property and commercial rights for the lead compounds, while the center will actively collaborate with numerous institutions and researchers to foster progress through open-source and joint venture collaborations. Updates on research progress will be periodically disseminated through M2Bio's various media channels.

M2Bio Sciences continues to make substantial investments in AI, which constitutes a fundamental pillar of the company's holistic health approach. The primary application of AI within this framework is as follows:

#1 Drug Discovery Advancement: Artificial Intelligence (AI) harnesses the capacity to scrutinize extensive datasets for the purpose of discerning potential drug candidates. Machine learning models have the capability to prognosticate molecular interactions with precise biological targets, thereby expediting the process of unearthing compounds imbued with therapeutic potential. This facet of AI proves particularly instrumental during target identification and lead optimization phases.

#2 Drug Repurposing Excellence: AI scrutinizes established pharmaceutical agents and their well-documented mechanisms of action, affording the capacity to uncover novel therapeutic utilities for these compounds. This invaluable function not only economizes valuable time and resources but also enables the repurposing of existing agents to treat diverse maladies.

#3 Proficiency in Predicting Drug Toxicity: AI models demonstrate proficiency in anticipation of potential drug toxicity by means of an exhaustive analysis of chemical structures and biological data. The early identification of toxic compounds within the developmental trajectory averts the considerable costs and setbacks associated with late-stage failures.

#4 Precision in Clinical Trial Optimization: AI stands as a powerful tool in the optimization of clinical trial design, adept at identifying apt patient cohorts, forecasting patient responses, and contributing to the formulation of more streamlined and cost-effective clinical trials. This orchestration leads to expeditious drug approval processes.

#5 Excellence in Drug Manufacturing: AI is pivotal in enhancing drug manufacturing processes, ensuring consistent product quality, and diminishing production costs. AI's predictive capabilities also safeguard against manufacturing issues that may precipitate batch failures.

#6 Foretelling Drug Interaction and Adverse Events: AI, through its analysis of patient data, possesses the capacity to predict potential drug interactions and foresee adverse events, thereby empowering healthcare professionals to make judicious and informed treatment determinations.

#7 Pioneering Drug Target Identification: AI adeptly navigates through extensive biological datasets, facilitating the identification of innovative drug targets, a crucial component in developing therapeutics designed to address hitherto refractory diseases.

#8 Innovating Drug Delivery Systems: AI is pivotal in designing avant-garde drug delivery systems, thereby enhancing drug efficacy and concurrently reducing deleterious side effects.

#9 Tailored Medicine Through AI: AI's analytical prowess extends to the personalization of drug regimens, drawing from patient-specific data, including genetic information, in a field referred to as pharmacogenomics. This tailored approach augments treatment outcomes while mitigating adverse reactions.

#10 Regulatory Compliance via AI: AI lends a helping hand to pharmaceutical enterprises in assuring adherence to stringent regulatory standards throughout the drug development process. This proactive involvement mitigates the risk of approval delays.

#11 Strategic Drug Pricing and Market Access: AI leverages its analytical capabilities to scrutinize comprehensive market data, pricing structures, and patient outcomes, providing invaluable insights for shaping drug pricing strategies and determining market access approaches.

#12 Insights Through Drug Data Mining: AI mines vast reservoirs of scientific literature, clinical trial data, and patient records to unearth novel insights that have the potential to inform and shape drug development strategies.

#13 Automation in Drug Discovery: AI-driven robotic systems stand at the vanguard of innovation in automating high-throughput compound screening for drug discovery, thereby ushering in a substantial enhancement in the efficiency of this pivotal process.

The potential applications of AI in drug discovery are virtually boundless. M2Bio leverages nature's wealth to expedite discovery, specifically the synthesis of natural products. While synthesizing natural products poses significant challenges, plants have co-evolved with human organisms, yielding many complex bioactive molecules. Accordingly, M2Bio plans to harness various African plants, known for their biologically active compounds, to identify potential phytochemicals or lead compounds for pharmaceutical development. M2Bio has made substantial financial commitments to the University of Pretoria, a prestigious institution in the South African capital, to extract and characterize these compounds. M2Bio will establish and manage a comprehensive database of these lead compounds, with extraction conducted at its newly established research laboratory at the University: M2Bio-Discovery Centre for AI-Driven Phytomedicine Research. AI algorithms will be employed to expedite the characterization and identification process exponentially. This pioneering initiative represents a significant milestone for Africa.

"Embarking on this scientific journey, we stand at the precipice of a profound transformation in drug discovery. Leveraging the formidable capabilities of artificial intelligence to decode the intricate language of nature found within the compounds of African flora, we are pioneering a path that promises to revolutionize pharmaceutical research and underscores the vital importance of ecological partnerships in scientific innovation. This endeavor embodies a fusion of cutting-edge AI technology and the wisdom of natural ecosystems, marking a scientifically paramount milestone in our quest to advance human health." said Ze-ev Krein.

Jeff Robinson, Chairman and CEO of M2Bio Sciences, added: "Our Team, vision, and mission continue to get stronger and stronger each and every day. It's incredibly rewarding to provide the tools to all the team members at M2Bio Sciences and watch them grow daily."

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