Locke Bio Adds Two Additional Nationwide Pharmacies to Its Growing List of Fulfillment Partners

Published November 16, 2023

Locke Bio partners with pharmacies to reduce prescription shortages and meet growing demand while keeping prescription costs down

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / November 16, 2023 / Locke Bio , a digital health platform company helping companies launch compliant e-commerce telehealth and telepharmacy brands, announced that they have partnered with two new nationwide pharmacies, Progress Pharmacy and Crafted Rx, to add to their pharmacy fulfillment network. Locke Bio, through these partnerships, offers its Pharmacy Partners unlimited access to fulfill prescription medications for a diverse range of telehealth brands and the unique opportunity to enhance healthcare availability and significantly boost their prescription sales.

Locke Bio allows Pharmacy Partners to fulfill medication orders for a diverse range of telehealth brands, including both established and fast-growing companies. By partnering with Locke Bio, one pharmacy has recently added over 2,300 monthly recurring patients, filled over 16,000 prescriptions, and saw growth to their sales to over $700,000 per month in just under a year.

Pharmaceutical shortages have made it increasingly difficult to find and fill prescribed medications. Even when these orders can be met, increased demand and scarcity have caused prices to balloon out of control. With the help of Locke Bio's platform and continued partnerships with nationwide pharmacies, Locke Bio is able to provide its clients with the most sought-after medications on the market and do so at the best possible prices. One of the hardest prescriptions to find right now is the ever-popular weight loss medications. Progress Pharmacy specializes in having them readily available, which is why Locke Bio chose to partner with them and offer their services to its telemedicine clients.

"Locke Bio is always looking for ways to help our merchants as well as their patients. By offering a full array of multiple pharmacies for fulfillment, we are able to help find the best services for our merchants. End customers expect good user experiences, fast delivery times, appealing packaging, and the best prices from e-commerce brands, and telehealth and e-prescription brands are no different." said Cathy Tie, Locke Bio, founder and CEO.

"We are thrilled to partner with Locke Bio. Locke Bio's platform enables many more companies to launch their own telehealth and e-prescribing services, and we're excited to be connected to these merchants through Locke Bio. We can now provide our pharmacy services to more merchants with Locke Bio's help." said Mitch Garumenz, President of Crafted Rx.

Locke Bio excels in empowering clients to launch HIPAA and LegitScript-compliant direct-to-consumer telehealth brands across the U.S. and Canada. Their comprehensive platform features white-labeled front-end software supported by a vast network of licensed providers and pharmacies nationwide. When choosing new pharmacies to add to their expanding network, Locke Bio ensures these partners are not only able to fulfill their timelines for prescriptions but also do so at competitive prices. Locke Bio's platform offers the best of compliance, clinicians, and pharmacies in order to provide their merchants the ability to offer convenient telehealth services for a wide range of essential and affordable prescription medications.

"Locke Bio has been great to work with. We are grateful that Cathy Tie included The Pharmacy Hub in the Locke Bio network, where we can work with other providers within the ecosystem to advance telehealth," said Antoine Mouranie, Co-Founder at The Pharmacy Hub, a pharmacy that has been working with Locke Bio. "Not only did Locke Bio give us access to these telehealth companies, they also made it possible for us to start generating revenue quickly thanks to its strategic partnerships with companies like LegitScript."

About Locke Bio:
Locke Bio is a digital health platform company that helps brands launch a fully integrated, white-labeled telehealth service, which includes a customized patient intake approved by board-certified physicians, personalized telemedicine consultations, e-commerce payment processing, advanced marketing analytics, and a seamlessly integrated pharmacy and provider network. For more information, visit: https://www.lockebio.com/

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