Las Vegas-Based Launches a Unique Online Social Marketplace for Service Providers

Published May 22, 2024

AroundWire unveils a revolutionary social marketplace for service providers, offering free listings, seamless payments, and direct customer interactions.

LAS VEGAS, NV / ACCESSWIRE / May 22, 2024 / LLC announced the launch of AroundWire, its new social marketplace for all types of common service providers. The platform allows users to create service listings, attract customers, and process payments.

AroundWire is a social marketplace that enables service providers to create listings and personal profiles, add partners, and comment on feeds of products and services while offering direct communication with customers, built-in payments, and the convenience of viewing local offerings on a map.

The platform now accepts registrations from U.S. service providers, including car wash technicians, HVAC specialists, landscapers, electricians, etc.

"Our fee structure is designed with fairness and transparency in mind. Signing up and creating new listings is completely free. Upon a successful sale, if a customer chooses to pay through AroundWire's integrated payment system, the service provider is charged a 10% fee. This fee is reduced with Juice®, our proprietary loyalty and reputation score. The more Juice® a provider has, the lower the seller fees and the higher their listings appear in marketplace search results. There is no fee if a service provider prefers to deal with a customer directly and not use AroundWire's payment system," said Danis Fickewirth, founder and president of LLC.

"When we created AroundWire, we modeled it after doing business in real life. For example, when customers want to buy air conditioning services, they cannot just add three units of air conditioning repair to the cart and check out. An information exchange must occur, the customer must receive an offer from the seller, and a payment or partial down payment must be processed. We wrapped all of these procedures into one convenient online platform," continues Danis Fickewirth.

The company is currently actively onboarding service providers from Nevada, California, and Arizona, but the service is not limited to those states. Following sufficient user registration, AroundWire will initiate a marketing campaign to attract buyers.

"After nearly a decade of development, we're proud to offer a platform that is both fair and inclusive. Signing up, using our platform, and creating listings are all free. Suppose a seller finds a customer and a payment is processed through our system. In that case, we reward the seller with a loyalty score, help them with better placements in the marketplace, and even lower the seller fees with continued business. We understand that some transactions may be too large for our payment system or that some people prefer accepting cash on the spot for services like haircuts. Our goal is to provide a platform that makes it easy and simple for everyone to participate," added Oscar Quinteros, one of AroundWire's software development team members.

AroundWire's platform is now available to users across the United States. Visitors can sign up at no cost by visiting

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