Karma Star Healing Arts Publishes The Poison of Perfection to Guide Readers to Greater Self-Love and Growth

Published May 31, 2023

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / May 31, 2023 / Karma Star Healing Arts, a brand dedicated to growth and healing in the mind and body, has announced the release of The Poison of Perfection, a two-time award winner. Written by founder Angela Wadley, the book is available to readers on both Amazon and Audible.

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A motivational self-help guide to a contented life

Karma Star Healing Arts helps individuals overcome limiting beliefs, reduce stress, and get rid of bad habits so that they can reach their highest potential. In releasing The Poison of Perfection, the company aims to encourage readers to accept life as it comes while still striving for excellence.

The Poison of Perfection touches on the harmful effects of perfectionism, marked as the silent "joy-killer" in every aspect of a person's life, and the ways in which people handle falling short of their expectations. It encourages progress and excellence instead of perfection and focuses on career, entrepreneurship, dating, looks, relationships, and other ways in which the reader may feel they are constantly falling short. It also explores joy, including how to find it during the heavy parts of life.

"At Karma Star Healing Arts, we are excited to have our book available to those who are seeking guidance in their everyday lives," says Wadley. "Although we believe its insights will benefit anyone, we especially hope to reach women who have ambitious spirits. Our book is an extension of our mission: to reduce stress, achieve or maintain success as the person defines it, create balance, and become our best selves while reaching for our goals in all aspects of life. We extend our teachings and guidance to all, including entrepreneurs and business owners, who may be struggling to free themselves from the self-sabotaging effects of perfectionism."

As the book debuts, Karma Star Healing Arts continues to host "The Best Advice Podcast," whose easy-to-digest episodes will offer wisdom from experts on topics that include business, career, life, love, and health. The company is also planning exciting events for the near future, including a possible corporate wellness program and a mastermind group for entrepreneurs.

"We hope that our new book, podcast, and events will help people to achieve their desired results, be it success in any aspect of their lives, better time management, or a more Zen, balanced mindset," says Wadley. "Once you let go of perfectionism in particular, you will stop withholding joy for the end result and instead find joy in the process."

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Joy-filled, successful living begins with growth, progress, and the power of the mind

Karma Star Healing Arts is a brand that promotes transformation and growth. Its coaching programs help people to focus on their goals and desires and overcome limiting thoughts and beliefs, all while encouraging the behavior that gets them on their desired paths. The company's founder, Angela Wadley, is a Board Certified Hypnotist/NLP/EFT/Time Techniques Practitioner/Success Coach as well as a Certified Life/Transformational/Solution-Focused/Positive Psychology Coach and Reiki Master.

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