JJ Hannon Launches Nonprofit @livers to Help Those With Liver Disease

Published May 21, 2024

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / May 21, 2024 / JJ Hannon has launched @livers, a nonprofit organization that aims to support individuals with liver disease. The organization was founded to help those who struggle with liver disease to meet and connect with one another. It aims to raise awareness and provide support to those battling liver disease.

Taking care of your health is one of the most essential things in your life, making taking proactive steps toward caring for your physical, mental, and emotional wellness crucial for potentially reducing the chances of illness and disease. Yet, no matter how well you take care of yourself or how strong your immune system may seem in fighting off sickness, viruses and harmful bacteria can still infiltrate your body, potentially leaving you with many symptoms that need to be solved. Impacting millions of individuals, liver disease is a severe condition that, when left untreated, can lead to liver cancer or failure.

Liver disease is a chronic condition that can progressively damage your liver over time. As one of your body's largest and most potent organs, your liver is responsible for filtering toxins from your bloodstream, and while your liver has been designed to do this job for your body, it also makes your liver more vulnerable to the very toxins it is to process. Issues like viral infections, toxic poisoning, and even certain metabolic conditions can lead the liver down a dangerous path, making it hard for your liver to heal itself and sometimes resulting in liver disease.

Despite the challenges that liver disease can impose on one's life, JJ Hannon has shown remarkable resilience. Over the past year, he has navigated a whirlwind of experiences, from being diagnosed with a rare liver condition to pursuing his musical passion and releasing new tracks while traveling the globe. His condition has not deterred him from living life to the fullest. Now, he is on a mission to spread his message and drive positive change in the world through his platform, @livers, and the foundation of liversbetter.org.

Introducing "an amazing new platform that welcomes everyone in the community of people struggling with liver diseases," @livers is a haven for those with liver conditions. It offers a space to connect with others who understand their journey, fostering a sense of belonging and solidarity. Additionally, @livers provides funding and nutrition for needy individuals, enhancing their life span and quality of life.

JJ expressed that his "goal is to spread as much awareness about PSC [primary sclerosing cholangitis], so that it can get the attention it deserves. 1 in 7 million people get diagnosed with "PSC," and I feel it is my job with a platform to spread as much awareness as possible to hopefully lead the way to finding a cure for this." JJ's commitment has directed @livers' mission to educate and provide care for the people who need it most. Its founder stated, "The liver is one of the most important parts of the body and if we can get people who can't afford the proper recommended nutrition that have liver disease such as PSC we can extend the quality of life and life in general for these people and give them a opportunity to get healthy as someone with the proper funding would have the opportunity."

Thankful for his family and friends who have remained supportive throughout his journey and this foundation, JJ hopes to support others living with chronic liver conditions. To stay up to date, You can follow @livers on Instagram or go to liversbetter.org.


SOURCE: @livers

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