Gerino Coin Project Achieves Key Milestones of KYC Verification Completed and NFT Platform Launch Imminent

Published May 19, 2023

GUJARAT, INDIA / ACCESSWIRE / May 19, 2023 / The Gerino Coin Project, an innovative blockchain-based platform, is excited to announce the completion of several significant milestones, marking a major step towards its anticipated launch. The project completed the Know Your Customer (KYC) verification and auditing process, solidifying its legitimacy and transparency. Furthermore, the Gerino NFT platform is set to be unveiled shortly, facilitating a marketplace for unique digital assets.

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Gerino Coin Project has diligently undergone a comprehensive auditing process by the renowned blockchain auditing firm, BlockSAFU. After a meticulous examination, BlockSAFU has declared Gerino as a legitimate platform with claims that are verified to be 100 percent true. As a result, Gerinocoin has earned the distinction of being part of the exclusive group of KYC-certified cryptocurrencies. For more detailed information, users can refer to the official report by BlockSAFU, available at:

The Gerino Coin Project's Initial Coin Offering (ICO) sale is underway, allowing participants to secure their tokens. The 5th phase is active, with subsequent steps scheduled to follow soon. The exclusive deal is concluding on the 10th of June. Users can also enhance communication and transparency with Gerino's new launch of an official blog that will provide the latest updates on the project's developments, industry insights, and educational content.

Looking ahead to the second quarter, Gerino is preparing for the anticipated launch of the Gerino NFT Marketplace. This platform provides a wide range of digital assets, enabling users to explore, purchase, and sell unique NFTs. Furthermore, Gerino is pleased to announce the launch of Gerinocoin on Pinksale, creating an opportunity for individuals to participate in its upcoming projects.

At Gerino, the team's value is building strong connections with its community. Therefore, the company introduces the Gerino Public Face, allowing people to get to know the individuals behind Gerino, hear their stories, and witness their dedication to transforming the crypto industry.

About the Company - Gerino

Gerino establishes a crypto trading experience, making it the preferred choice for traders. By leveraging its copy trading feature, users can benefit from the strategies of experienced traders. The platform provides access to the largest crypto resource available, Gerino's Intelligence Portal, which keeps traders informed and updated with comprehensive news and updates on crypto, blockchain, and NFTs. Moreover, Gerino's Zero loss feature generates the services that any losses encountered in crypto trading can be recovered with the assistance of a team of experienced traders.

In addition, Gerino is excited to announce the upcoming release of Whitepaper 2.0. The comprehensive document will offer in-depth insights into the project's vision, roadmap, and technical details, providing stakeholders with a complete understanding of Gerino's objectives.

For further details, potential users can visit the important links related to the project:

Company Details
Organization: Scopway Business Private Limited
Contact Person: Alok Pandey
City: Suraj
State: Gujarat
Country: India

SOURCE: Scopway Business Private Limited

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