Dental Practices Experiencing Unprecedented Increase in Case Acceptance

Published October 19, 2023

Revolutionizing Dental Experiences: AcceptCare Sets a New Standard in Presentation and Financing

DALLAS, TX / ACCESSWIRE / October 19, 2023 / Dallas-based AcceptCare, a leading software company for the dental industry and dental division brand of OrthoFi, introduces the first all-in-one fee and treatment presentation software for dental offices. AcceptCare is the only proven case acceptance solution that maximizes access to complete care for patients and revenue for dental practices.

"The transformative impact AcceptCare has already made with our beta set of dental practices is beyond encouraging," says AcceptCare CEO Dave Ternan. "We're seeing case acceptance rates increase, production increase, and as a result, patients are receiving the complete treatment they need."

Clarksburg Dental in Maryland is experiencing considerable growth in case acceptance, jumping from 22% to 53% in only two months.

Dr. Ed Lui of Clarksburg Dental attests, "We love the case acceptance analytics, but we didn't need to see the numbers to know our case acceptance has increased significantly since implementing AcceptCare - our schedule is filling up faster than ever!"

Several practices around the U.S. are using AcceptCare and seeing similar results to Clarksburg in terms of case acceptance. In addition, the practices are closely capturing production data, along with patients receiving the complete care they need.

Empowering Patients to Accept Complete Care

Recent data underscores the significance of AcceptCare's mission. An alarming 65% of presented treatment goes unaccepted by patients, leading to only 35% of recommended treatments being performed. AcceptCare seeks to bridge this gap, ensuring patients receive essential care without compromise, when they need it.

This groundbreaking platform extends its benefits beyond financial empowerment. Patients gain access to timely and recommended treatments, contributing to long-term health benefits and improved overall well-being. Moreover, the elimination of awkward financial discussions creates a more comfortable and positive patient experience, encouraging better communication and trust between patients and dental professionals.

Dr. Bruce Baird, founder of Productive Dentist Academy and Compassionate Finance, lauds AcceptCare for its holistic approach, "AcceptCare is a combination of solutions that allows patients to get their work done. As a doctor, to me, that is what matters."

By providing a user-friendly platform that grants patients greater control and choice over their dental care journey, this solution represents a paradigm shift in dental financing, focusing on patients and practices, rather than lenders and approval rates.

Empowering Doctors to Deliver Complete Care

By adopting AcceptCare, dental practices unlock new revenue streams by providing comprehensive treatment options to patients. The platform proudly achieves an outstanding 100% full-cost approval rate via various payment solutions, encompassing a proprietary Lending Platform and Compassionate Finance, ultimately optimizing cash flow for practices. Compassionate Finance recently received "Best Software Company" through the prestigious Best of Grapevine Awards in the Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX area.

Integrated seamlessly with existing dental software, AcceptCare accurately tracks case acceptance and automatically sends actionable pending treatment reminders to patients with a link to view, pay, or finance care. Remarkably, over 30% of patients accept treatment after leaving the office, thanks to automated recall.

"By embracing our new platform, doctors can focus on providing the best care and treatment, leading to improved oral health outcomes for their patients," continues Ternan.

As AcceptCare continues its mission to empower dentists and patients, the company is dedicated to advancing the dental industry with innovation and progress. This revolutionary solution is truly more than just financing, it will shape the future of dental care, fostering a more collaborative and patient-centered approach.

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