Crash Tech Launches Multiple New Mobile Offices in Coverage Areas Nationwide

Published February 28, 2024

CANTON, OH / ACCESSWIRE / February 28, 2024 / Forensic crash reconstruction company Crash Tech has announced that its 2024 expansion plans include deploying new mobile offices in new coverage areas in multiple US states. Given the success of the company's Texas office, which opened in 2022, Crash Tech has made the decision to move into Florida, the Carolinas, Georgia, Arizona, and Nevada. Once these offices have all deployed, the company will establish a new coverage area in Washington state and Oregon.

This is in response to the fact that every year, there are more than 6 million car accidents in the US. Road crashes are the country's leading cause of death. In 2021, 42,915 people were killed in car accidents in the US, which is up from 38,824 fatalities reported in 2020. Forbes reports that according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, collisions result in substantial monetary damages; traffic crash deaths cost around $55 billion annually in medical costs and lost wages.

As the number of car accident related lawsuits continues to climb along with the number of collisions, the need for crash construction services has risen. This growing need has led to Crash Tech's expansion, and the 100% veteran owned and operated company will be expanding its staff of current law enforcement officers to fill the needs in the new offices, including the addition of a biomechanics expert and federal motor carrier enforcement officer who also specializes in commercial trucking crashes.

Representatives of Crash Tech recently spoke at an educational discussion panel, discussing the ethical application of crash reconstruction, at the Pennsylvania State Police Reconstruction Seminar. The team feels that the company's marked growth within the last few years is partially due to increased awareness of the need for crash reconstruction services, which is why the company participated in the event in Pennsylvania.

Company founder and CEO Eric Brown, a Marine Corps veteran and law enforcement officer, started Crash Tech in 2011, recognizing a need for honest and highly trained crash reconstruction services at a fair price.

"Similar companies utilize engineers, who learn about crashes from books, watching videos, and in controlled labs," says Brown. "The difference with us is that we have decades of experience responding to and investigating live crash scenes, seeing the vehicles there on their marks, seeing and collecting the evidence left at the scene, helping render aid to the victims, holding the hands of victims as they take their last breaths, and even testifying on the stand in court. That's something you can't learn from a book."

The newly expanded staff will be a combination of veterans and law enforcement officers, certified and accredited to investigate and reconstruct serious injury and fatality motor vehicle crashes. Along with the additional offices, Crash Tech just launched a new website with a proprietary Premier Partner Program. This platform will allow attorneys that handle motor vehicle collision cases to connect with one another, share information, and access unique features - all free of charge to legal teams.

"Our motto is that we guarantee real, relevant, reliable results," says Brown. "Our investigations are based on truth, science, and hard physical evidence that allows our clients - civil and criminal attorneys and insurance claims adjusters - to negotiate or litigate cases from a position of power."

Crash Tech's cutting-edge technology, Brown adds, takes the "he said/she said" out of vehicle collision cases.

"We calculate vehicle speeds and their relations to each other through time and distance to determine what caused the crash and who was ultimately at fault," Brown explains. "We use the latest software, including drones, which can map environments and vehicles to scale in 3D. We can then take those models and turn them into animations to put the viewer back into a driver's seat and show exactly what the driver could or could not have seen coming into a crash. We can animate what the vehicles did and how they reacted throughout the crash."

He says that Crash Tech's team of certified forensic vehicle inspectors can determine if vehicle damage caused a crash or was caused by the crash. They can also download the "Black Boxes" from cars and semis, giving them more data to find out which vehicle was at fault.

"Then we build court exhibits and testify as experts on behalf of the attorneys who hire us," he says. "We work with our clients from start to finish. Our quality of work is why the company has doubled in size every year, even during the pandemic."

Crash Tech CEO and founder Eric Brown

Brown was recently named one of Business Elite's 2023 40 under 40, an Aspiring Young Business Leader, and Top Industry Disruptor. He was recognized at the Elite Business Awards gala in Las Vegas.

"I may be known throughout the country as the ‘Crash King', but I'm just trying to make it possible for our clients to get victims the best settlements possible and hold offenders accountable by providing them hard evidence backed by science and truth," says Brown. "I just want to make a positive impact on people's lives."

The additional staff for the newest mobile offices will all be accredited reconstructionists with proven track records as experts in their field. This will allow Crash Tech to grow its footprint into even more new states and territories.

"Crash Tech will continue to innovate and set trends that other companies follow," Brown says. "We already have plans in motion to radically reshape how expert witness firms do business and want to continue to push the industry to be held to the highest of standards."

About Crash Tech

Crash Tech is a forensic crash reconstruction company that investigates motor vehicle collisions, which includes using drones, downloading black box information from vehicles, and creating 3D rendered recreations of crashes to obtain which vehicle was at fault. Crash Tech also provides expert testimony on behalf of its clients in a court of law.

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