CO2 GRO’s Technology Receives a Boost from COP28 Sustainable Agriculture Declaration

Published December 13, 2023

TORONTO, ON / ACCESSWIRE / December 13, 2023 / At COP28, 134 nations with 5.7 billion people committed to the "COP28 Declaration on Sustainable Agriculture, Resilient Food Systems, and Climate Action". This is the globe's first commitment at a COP Summit to support sustainable agriculture science and evidence-based innovations and resilience in agriculture. It presents a tremendous opportunity for CO2 GRO Inc's ("CO2 GRO") (TSXV:GROW)(OTCQB:BLONF)(Frankfurt:4021) proven commercial precision agriculture technology to be rapidly expanded and deployed worldwide.

The company's increasingly dynamic technology is designed to consistently and sustainably boost crop yields by up to 30% at existing grow facilities not using CO2 with a minimal carbon footprint impact. For the few greenhouses in cold countries that can use CO2, the Company's technology can cut up to 95% of their CO2 use and create carbon credits while doing so.

Key Features of CO2 GRO's Technology:

Enhanced Crop Yields: CO2 GRO's technology sharply increases plant growth rates and crop yields at existing protected grow facilities, crucial to meeting global food demands for an ever-increasing global population. Use of our technology creates a more resilient food system as outlined in the COP28 Declaration.

Natural and Sustainable Solution: Our technology creates natural photosynthetic enrichment for crops by applying dissolved CO2 in light, intermittent misting. This approach aligns with the Declaration's emphasis on sustainable agricultural practices.

Climate Action Compatibility: CO2 GRO's technology boost agricultural productivity in a compatible way with the COP28 climate action goals. By optimizing existing grow facilities, our technology contributes to a reduction in agriculture's carbon footprint while boosting yields.

Adaptability and Resilience: Our technology is adaptable to all climatic conditions and agricultural settings while CO2 gassing (dosing) is not. It is therefore a much more versatile and efficient tool in building global and regional climate-resilient food systems. as stated in this COP28 Declaration.

Economic Benefits for Farmers: By increasing crop yields and reducing input costs, CO2 GRO's technology typically offers two-year paybacks to protected growers buying our technology and similar added value renting or buying our technology over a long-term contract (Pay for Use). This supports the Declaration's objective of sustainable economic growth within the agricultural sector.

A Commitment to a Sustainable Future:

CO2 GRO is committed to playing a pivotal role in the global effort to create and support sustainable and resilient agricultural systems. The company's technology offers a practical and effective solution to some of the most pressing challenges faced by the agricultural sector today.

CO2 GRO's VP Sales, Aaron Archibald commented, "As 134 nations have rallied behind this COP28 Declaration focusing on agriculture, we stand ready to contribute our expertise and technology to ensure that protected agriculture not only consistently feeds the world but does so in a sustainable, resilient, way in harmony with our planet's health, while providing economic benefit to farmers, communities and nations."

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About CO2 GRO Inc.

CO2 GRO Inc. is a precision ag-tech, clean-tech company with a focus on People, the Planet and Prosperity. Our vision is to become one of the leading companies enhancing global food production from protected agriculture. By helping our customers sustainably increase yield and profitability, we could help feed up to half a billion people worldwide while reducing our customers' ecological footprint. Check out our webinar, corporate updates, and ESG report.

About 300 million MT of fruit and vegetables are grown annually from about 5 million hectares of protected vegetable facilities globally (6 kg/m2/year of average production). A 30% yield increase using our technology could add up to 100 million MT of fruits and vegetables per year. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends annual fruit and vegetable consumption of up to 200 kg per year per adult.

Our Target Market: The estimated 800 billion square foot global protected grower market is comprised of 700 billion square feet of fruits & vegetables (Cuesta Roble 2019 estimate), and an estimated 100 billion square feet of protected floriculture and other medicinal plants and non-food varieties.

Our Technology: CO2 Delivery Solutions™ enriches plants with CO 2 by misting an aqueous CO2 solution directly onto plants grown in greenhouses and other protected grow facilities globally.

Value Proposition: Approximately 98% of protected grow facilities globally cannot add CO 2 by atmospheric gassing, missing out on up to 30% increased yield potential and 100% more gross profit. CO2 GRO's technology enables all protected growers regardless of facility or location to enrich their plants with CO2 to realize up to 30% yield increases. In addition, our technology suppresses the growth of micro-pathogens such as E.coli and powdery mildew, leading to healthier crops. Growers currently employing CO2 gassing can save up to 90% of CO2 gas used, reducing their ecological footprint and production costs.

Patent Protection: CO2 GRO's CO2 Delivery Solutions™ technology is protected by a suite of patents and patents pending.

Business Model: Our technology is sold to growers based on the cultivation area installed at prices that provide a high return on their investment and high margins for our shareholders.

Global Expansion: CO2 GRO's management is rapidly expanding its international marketing partner relationships into Mexico, Spain, the EU, the UK, South Africa, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and Latin America as well as in its US and Canadian base.

Environmental Social and Governance ESG: CO2 GRO is committed to good Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) policies and practices. We are an equal opportunity employer of choice and opportunity. Rich suggesting a link here to our 2023 ESG Report

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Soumik Roy, Director of Marketing, Communications, and Investor Relations

SOURCE: CO2 Gro Inc.

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