Carbon RX and FrontRunner Technologies out in Front on Carbon Credits

Published December 6, 2023

REGINA, SK / ACCESSWIRE / December 6, 2023 / Carbon RX Inc. ("Carbon RX") and FrontRunner Technologies Inc. ("FrontRunner") entered into a sales agreement ("Sales Agreement"), pursuant to which Carbon RX will sell its carbon credits to FrontRunner while guaranteeing FrontRunner access to First Nations originated carbon credits to offset the environmental footprint of its digital advertising campaigns globally. The purchase of these carbon credits will support First Nations communities across Canada, and bolster initiatives to combat climate change.

According to an article published by CEPSA in 2023, a single advertising campaign generates 70 tons of C02 emissions, the equivalent of 15 passenger vehicles annually.

FrontRunner is a proven innovator in the digital out-of-home ("DOOH"), commercial real estate, and retail industries by delivering digital content to High Street WindowFronts® in major cities. This Sales Agreement will allow FrontRunner to use Carbon RX branded carbon credits for a New York and LA-based campaign for Caliwater, owned by actors Vanessa Hudgens and Oliver Trevena, and for DoorDash's HoliDifferently campaign running in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver through to the New Year.

"We recognize we need to do our part to contribute to a greener, more sustainable planet," says FrontRunner's Founder and CEO, Nathan Elliott. "Carbon RX's carbon credits spoke to us based on their environmental impact and, equally important, the social impact for First Nations communities who directly benefit from the revenue. We have a long track record of partnering with First Nations communities, so this is a seminal agreement for our company."

There are over 150 million acres of First Nations-managed land in Canada. Carbon RX partners with First Nation communities, offering nature-based solutions to be used as carbon offsets across multiple industries.

"This deal is about more than offsetting carbon footprints," says Carbon RX's CEO, Marty Seymour. "It's a pathway to enriching First Nations communities in remote parts of our country and giving them the power to heal Mother Earth in ways that are culturally and economically significant."

About Carbon RX

Headquartered on Treaty 4 Territory in Regina, SK, Carbon RX specializes in the origination and streaming of carbon credits. Backed by a team of agriculture, forestry, and hydrocarbon experts, Carbon RX provides high-fidelity carbon credits to the international voluntary carbon market, ultimately aiding Canada in the race to net-zero emissions.

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About FrontRunner Technologies

FrontRunner was founded in Canada by Founder and CEO Nathan Elliott in 2017 to create a new standard of digital media by leveraging High Street retail WindowFronts® to deliver high-definition video content. The company provides a robust digital out-of-home content solution for national and international brands looking to hyper-target campaigns, while simultaneously creating a new revenue stream for landlords, brokerages and store owners searching for creative ways to monetize their spaces.

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