Blockchain Technology Partners Pte. Ltd. Unveils Gas Meta Program, Revolutionizing Gas Fee Recovery and Profit Sharing

Published November 20, 2023

MEISSA, SINGAPORE / ACCESSWIRE / November 20, 2023 / Blockchain Technology Partners Pte. Ltd., a trailblazer in blockchain innovation, proudly introduces the Gas Meta Program, a groundbreaking initiative designed to redefine gas fee recovery and profit-sharing in the digital asset space.

Gas Meta is a forward-thinking program established to create Authenticator Notes, facilitating the recovery of gas fees associated with smart contract transactions between blockchain wallets, including Tokens, Coins, and NFTs. The company has expanded its policy to welcome individuals, groups, and companies into the Gas Meta program, offering a unique opportunity to share in the special profits generated.

Blockchain Technology Partners Pte. Ltd. has entered into strategic partnerships with three esteemed validator organizations, namely Certik Validator, Legend II Authenticator, and BscScan Validator. These partnerships aim to partially lease back the validators, recovering gas fees and sharing profits with investors.

Yong Jun Yuan, Director of Digital Technology Academy and Founder of Blockchain Technology Partners Pte. Ltd., explained the rationale behind choosing these three validators: "The top three validators operate on a $10 token generation level and run on the same BEP-20 platform, making them ideal for our smart contract-focused program."

Gas Meta's daily note-generating validators, including Certik Authenticator, Legend II Authenticator, and BscScan Validator, perform verifications ranging from 72,100 to 172,800 in a 24-hour period, ensuring the seamless certification of transactions on Blockchain Wallets.

Gas fees for Token and Coin transfers vary on different platforms, such as $0.002 to $0.08 for BEP-20, $2.5 to $3.8 for ERC20, and $0.9 to $2.5 for TRC20. Notably, NFT transactions can range from $10 to thousands of dollars based on individual NFT prices.

Gas Meta's platform operates on the true value of each $10 investment, generating one Authenticator Note, resulting in the recovery of 100% of gas fees. An illustrative example involving Certik on BscScan shows an average gas fee of $0.041 per token transaction, with an average 24-hour gas fee for one note-creating validator received at $0.05.

Blockchain Technology Partners allocates funds transparently, with 15% for Project Development, 12% for the Development Team, 20% for the Ecosystem, 15% for Mining, and 5% for Advisors.

The company introduces its native token, Quantum Pipeline (PIPE), with a total supply of 125,000,000 PIPE on the BEP-20 platform. The PIPE Token is slated to launch in the fourth quarter of 2024, with an estimated starting price of $0.1/PIPE and listing on major platforms at $20/PIPE.

Gas Meta also incorporates a mining feature for PIPE tokens, allowing users to mine for free on the Dapp of Blockchain Wallets. The program encourages participation, with increasing speeds based on engagement and invitations.

The Gas Meta Program sets a maximum income limit for investors and emphasizes continued engagement through investment extension, enabling users to receive more Gas Fees and Commissions.

Mr. Yong Jun Yuan, Director of Digital Technology Academy and Founder of Blockchain Technology Partners Pte. Ltd., expressed excitement about Gas Meta's constant innovation and its role in empowering investors with $PIPE governance tokens.

"Gasmeta is constantly pushing boundaries, providing flawless rewards, and establishing itself as a cutting-edge validator provider. Our commitment to transparency and the unique features of the Gas Meta Program set us apart in the digital asset market," said Mr. Yuan.

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About Blockchain Technology Partners Pte. Ltd.:

Blockchain Technology Partners Pte. Ltd. is at the forefront of blockchain innovation, dedicated to providing cutting-edge solutions in the digital transaction landscape. The Gas Meta Program represents a significant leap forward in empowering investors with $PIPE governance tokens and redefining the dynamics of profit streams in the digital asset market.

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