BillionAir Announces its Acceptance into BNB Chain Kickstart Program

Published June 13, 2023

PRAGUE, CZECH REPUBLIC / ACCESSWIRE / June 13, 2023 / In the fast moving landscape of web3 and digital assets, projects that demonstrate true innovation and potential are recognized and nurtured. One such project, BillionAir, has shown this potential and has recently been accepted into the prestigious BNB Chain Kickstart Program. This acceptance is a surefire sign of the strength that can be found in BillionAir, and it undoubtedly marks a milestone in the project's trajectory.

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BillionAir is, at its core, a raffles and games platform offering exciting and engaging entertainment and opportunities within an all-encompassing, borderless, and provably fair ecosystem. On a larger scale, it's so much more than that, positioned as a bridge between web3 natives and the traditional and web2 markets and a connector and alternative for existing web3 and gaming projects to fundraise and engage their community.

The project's integration into the BNB Chain Kickstart Program will offer an array of benefits to assist in the acceleration of its growth and development. As part of the program, BillionAir will gain access to a broad range of resources, including technical support, mentorship, and networking opportunities. These valuable resources will be crucial in helping the project to navigate the complex blockchain landscape, overcome potential challenges, and optimise its technology.

In addition to the host of program benefits, BillionAir will be afforded the opportunity to tap into Binance's extensive partner network. This access could lead to strategic collaborations, increased visibility within the crypto community, and opportunities to engage with industry leaders and potential investors.

"Being accepted into the program is a huge boost for the BillionAir team and project" said Radovan Voda, Co-Founder of BillionAir. "To receive this level of recognition from one of the biggest names in the web3 space is such a positive piece of news, and shows that our belief in what we are building has not been misplaced, signalling a huge vote of confidence in our project and our vision for the future of BillionAir."

The program, renowned for its rigorous selection process, only backs projects that demonstrate robust technical capabilities, a clear vision, and a strong potential to contribute to the broader blockchain ecosystem. The fact that BillionAir has been accepted shows that the project has not only met, but exceeded these criteria.

Lastly, this move is a positive sign for both BillionAir and the wider BNB Chain ecosystem. For BillionAir, it signals an opportunity to further its development and potentially become a key player in the crypto and web3 gaming space. For the BNB Chain ecosystem, the addition of a promising project like BillionAir enriches its range of offerings and could attract more users, developers, and investors to the platform.

The BillionAir token pre-sale has been recently announced for launch on June 20th, with a unique multi-phase launch structure offering lucrative rewards, showing the belief the team have in the project and the speed at which the development is moving. This, coupled with audits conducted by Solid Proof, add even further strength to the project, with the team looking to bring a new, unique model to the raffles and games space, and showing supreme confidence in the model they have developed.

As we look to the future and what this news represents, it's clear the acceptance into the program signals great promise for the development of BillionAir and the continued growth of the BNB Chain ecosystem.

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