AVIA Launches Innovative AI Labs, AI Co-pilot for Digital Health Transformation

Published September 19, 2023

AVIA's newest AI-focused initiative aims to share practical application of AI to better inform - and transform - the healthcare industry

CHICAGO, IL / ACCESSWIRE / September 19, 2023 / AVIA, the nation's leading market intelligence and advisory services firm advancing digital transformation in healthcare, announced the launch of AVIA AI Labs, an ambitious initiative aimed at harnessing the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to provide practical examples of its transformative capabilities to the broader healthcare industry. This pioneering endeavor builds on AVIA's commitment to innovation and collaboration, as seen in its recently launched national Generative AI Collaborative.

AVIA AI Labs will focus on developing and testing AI-driven experiments - aimed at accelerating learning and providing valuable insights to health system leaders and the solution companies partnering with them - and releasing those that show promise into the market.

AVIA AI Labs' trailblazing efforts have already resulted in the development of three distinct AI tools, with the first being an AI co-pilot for healthcare leaders at smaller systems to quickly leverage the wealth of AVIA's extensive knowledge base. The co-pilot - using AI - combines more than a decade of learnings from AVIA's experts, its network, and AVIA Marketplace to provide health system leaders important, targeted insights they can use to bolster the development and execution of digital transformation strategies. The co-pilot is presently in beta testing and will be available later this year.

"AI has the potential to revolutionize healthcare, and at AVIA, we're committed to being at the forefront of this transformation," said Linda Finkel, CEO of AVIA. "With AVIA AI Labs, we're not only leveraging AI to help healthcare leaders make more informed decisions, improve efficiency, and ultimately provide better care, but also to enhance our own operations in the ways we recommend to our network."

Alongside its AI co-pilot, the lab is launching two additional market-facing experiments: an AI-powered Tools Library and an AI-driven Email Report Card. Both tools are designed to optimize digital strategy by generating compelling content and providing insights to boost engagement and effectiveness.

Aaron Diestelkamp, Head of Engineering and Chief of Technology for AVIA AI Labs, recognized the vital role of the AVIA team in this process. "Through AI Labs we foster a space where our team can approach AI advancements with curiosity and creativity, transforming these tools into empowering solutions."

In a unique move for the industry, AVIA also plans to provide AI training to all of its employees. This commitment to internal capability development is matched by a focus on sharing insights and experience with the wider industry.

"With AVIA AI Labs, our goal is to make AI more accessible to healthcare leaders," said Zak Randall, Vice President of the AVIA Marketplace and Head of AVIA AI Labs. "We're dedicated to not just developing AI solutions, but also to sharing our journey-our learnings, tools, and strategies-in order to help the healthcare industry navigate the complex landscape of AI integration."

AVIA has a long-standing commitment to digital transformation in healthcare. Their AVIA Marketplace is the industry's leading platform for healthcare leaders to research, evaluate, and select digital health solutions. AVIA AI Labs underscores this commitment and positions the company as a thought leader in the application of AI in healthcare.

The launch of AVIA AI Labs follows the successful inauguration of AVIA's Generative AI Collaborative, which brings together over 219 hospitals and health systems, key industry associations, and government leaders to address healthcare's biggest strategic challenges through the use of AI.

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