AssumeList Helps Homebuyers Find Mortgages Below 3%

Published January 17, 2024

Innovative Real Estate Search Tool Allows Homebuyers and Agents To Find Homes With Assumable Mortgages

WASHINGTON, DC / ACCESSWIRE / January 17, 2024 / As the rising cost of buying a home has left many would-be homebuyers on the sidelines, AssumeList™, a first-of-its-kind real estate search tool that allows homebuyers, investors, and agents the ability to easily find homes for sale with assumable mortgages, has announced its official launch.

AssumeList Logo
AssumeList Logo

A certified Serviced-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business developed from the ground up, AssumeList™ enables subscribers to search for on-and-off-market properties with VA, FHA, or USDA assumable mortgages that have interest rates between two and five percent. The platform also allows users to view remaining loan balances and interest rates on these properties.

Assumable mortgages allow buyers to purchase a home by taking over the seller's existing mortgage. VA, FHA, and USDA loans are all assumable, and anyone can assume these loans.

Michael Lorino and Bethany Stalder began building AssumeList somewhat out of necessity as interest rates soared in 2022. The husband-and-wife team run Fidelis Property Group, a top-ranked real estate team in the Washington, DC area that's certified to handle military relocation. Lorino, a retired Marine Corps intelligence officer, and Stalder, who grew up in a military family and previously worked as a government civilian managing several multi-million-dollar Marine Corps acquisition programs, count many military families among their clientele.

"We were seeing so many people priced out of the market because of higher interest rates. Many were not aware of this enormous opportunity in assumable mortgages," said Lorino, CEO of AssumeList. "For those who were, there was no easy way to search for them."

For decades, assumable mortgages remained largely irrelevant as interest rates declined from their peak in the 1980s. But as rates have soared back to historical averages and housing prices have continued to increase, savvy buyers are realizing a massive savings opportunity.

A client of Lorino's recently assumed a $1.4 million mortgage with a 3 percent rate. Compared to current rates around 7 percent, they're saving $3,500 a month and $1.2 million in total interest over the course of the remaining loan term.

"We built this platform to empower buyers, to buy an assumable home with an agent of their choice, and to equip agents with the tools to support them," said Stalder, the Chief Communications and Marketing Officer. "And we wanted to make sure it was accessible and affordable to everyone."

AssumeList provides free access to live MLS listings on its site and numerous research tools for homebuying and selling. Access to active listings for assumable loans are available for a small monthly subscription fee of $49 or $69. Off-market properties with assumable mortgages are available to licensed real estate agents for an additional $20.

AssumeList provides assumable loan data for markets in Maryland, Delaware, Washington DC, northern and coastal Virginia, and parts of West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. The site just added central Florida in beta, with plans to launch next in Southern California and other major markets.


AssumeList™ is the first-of-its-kind real estate platform that gives homebuyers and agents comprehensive search capabilities and curated information about properties with assumable mortgages.

AssumeList™ provides free access to live MLS listings on its site and numerous research tools for homebuying and selling. Access to active listings for assumable loans is available for a small monthly subscription fee. Off-market properties with assumable mortgages are available by subscription to licensed real estate agents. All homes with assumable mortgages listed on AssumeList™ contain an interest rate below 5%; the vast majority have rates of 3.0% and lower, giving buyers the opportunity to save thousands of dollars in interest every month.

AssumeList™is expanding quickly into new markets. A complete list of available service areas can be found on our website.

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