Aspire Partners: Pioneering the Way Business Professionals Earn by Solving Companies' Biggest Problems

Published June 2, 2023

ALPHARETTA, GA / ACCESSWIRE / June 2, 2023 / Aspire Partners is proud to announce its B2B services that are set to change how the businesses operate and save money. Aspire Partners, founded by Shawn Hull, business coach, and Forbes Business Council Member, offers various B2B solutions. They pride themselves on helping businesses save money and improve efficiencies; for example, turning a company's accounts payable department into a profit center.

Aspire Partners seeks to hire professionals with established relationships with business owners and C-level executives to help bring these valuable solutions to companies across North America.

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The company's performance-based approach means that Aspire Partners only charges clients when they find savings or benefits. And the best part is all of the solutions come at no cost to clients.

Aspire Partners has helped tens of thousands of businesses generate significant efficiencies and cost savings, and it is now poised to help all 32 million businesses in the US and millions more in Canada. The company offers a range of solutions, including Commercial Payments, Specialized Tax Savings, Credit Card Audit, Uniform and Linen Audit, Medical Underpayments, and Free Pharmacy.

Commercial Payments is one of the most popular solutions that the company offers. This solution turns the accounts payable department into a profit center by generating significant efficiencies, and it comes at no cost to businesses. This is by far one of the longest-paying services as clients always stay on AP automation and rebates. Aspire Partners professionals get paid for a decade or longer, bringing the most stable income that can be found. Specialized Tax Savings is another solution that helps businesses access hundreds of tax incentives to benefit their operations. With one login, businesses can access hundreds of tax credits and incentives the system will qualify, track, and claim.

Aspire Partners' Credit Card Audit helps businesses uncover overbilling and hidden charges by auditing their merchant account statements against thousands of interchange and assessment fees. The solution ensures that a company's merchant account is configured correctly, securing the lowest payment processing rates. With no change in payment processor and no effort to the company, businesses can enjoy monthly reporting with realized savings from the program and ongoing monitoring to guard against any negative changes.

Their Uniform and Linen Audit program helps businesses reduce their industrial laundry bills by 30-50% without changing their provider. The solution provides clients a refund, rate savings, and ongoing rate protection. It boasts an impressive 90% success rate of finding savings for companies.

Among the comprehensive range of other solutions, notable additions include Aspire Medical Underpayments and Aspire Free Pharmacy. Aspire Medical Underpayments uses proprietary technology to optimize healthcare payment processes, recover underbilling, and automate appeals. Aspire Free Pharmacy offers a groundbreaking monthly subscription service, providing free access to over 600 commonly prescribed medications.

Ultimately, Aspire Partners' goal is to bring business professionals a smarter way to do business and provide them with the greatest value. The company gives tremendous training and support to all its professionals, ensuring that they have everything they need to be successful.

About: Shawn Hull is the Founder & CEO of Aspire Partners, a company that helps business professionals leverage their relationships with business owners and executives to earn life-changing income. The best part is business professionals can work this alongside their day job. Aspire Partners offers a suite of services that help companies save money and increase efficiency, including Aspire Commercial Payments, Aspire Specialized Tax Savings, Aspire Credit Card Audit, Aspire Uniform and Linen Audit, Aspire Medical Underpayments, and Aspire Free Pharmacy.

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