AdmissionSight and the Recent SCOTUS Decision on Affirmative Action

Published July 31, 2023

CUPERTINO, CA / ACCESSWIRE / July 31, 2023 / The Supreme Court's recent landmark ruling that limits the use of race-conscious admissions policies in higher education, college admissions consulting firm, AdmissionSight, believes that Asian American students will now have a more equitable opportunity when it comes to college admissions.

Based on the SCOTUS decision, AdmissionSight believes that we should see Asian enrollment at the Ivy Leagues increase, which have in the past been capped at around 20-25%. Berkeley and Caltech are race-blind and roughly 40-45% of the student body are Asian. So if that is any indication, we can expect the percentage to rise to that level in the next few years. How quickly these colleges will react to the SCOTUS decision, however, remains to be seen.

The Supreme Court verdict, a 6-3 decision, was prompted by a lawsuit from the Students for Fair Admissions (SFFA) that claimed affirmative action led to discriminatory practices against Asian American applicants. This monumental ruling introduces a new chapter in college admissions where equality and merit will rise to the forefront.

It's worth noting that the Asian American community has a diverse range of views on affirmative action. According to a 2020 AAPI Data survey, 70 percent of Asian Americans supported affirmative action when it was defined as programs aiming to enhance higher education access for minorities and women. Furthermore, a 2023 Pew survey indicated that while many Asian Americans view affirmative action as beneficial, a significant number also oppose colleges considering race or ethnicity in admissions decisions given many qualified students are turned down every year as spots are given to other URM's to increase the diversity of the student body.

"In the wake of this ruling, we're excited to see Asian enrollment increase in the next few years as our students now have a greater opportunity to get into the colleges that they deserve," said Eric Eng, CEO of AdmissionSight. "Our mission remains as strong as ever before - to help students highlight their unique strengths and passions to maximize their chances of college admissions success."

AdmissionSight has consistently succeeded in helping students, of diverse ethnic backgrounds, gain admission into the country's most prestigious universities. With the SCOTUS decision, the firm is well-positioned to continue supporting Asian American students to stand out amidst the evolving landscape of college admissions.

Eng added, "We're devoted to helping Asian American students excel by emphasizing their academic capabilities, leadership skills, creativity, and community service. While we remain a strong advocate of diversity and inclusivity, we're even more committed to guiding our students towards achieving their higher education goals in this changing environment."

"To ensure our students remain at the forefront of college admissions competitiveness, we continue provide a comprehensive academic and extracurricular preparation experience," said Eng. "These enhancements will include intense academic and test preparation, leadership training, extracurricular development, science research preparation, personalized essay coaching, and programs to strengthen our students' overall application profiles." In this time of change, AdmissionSight is extending its suite of services to equip students better to navigate these new waters.

AdmissionSight is a leading college admissions consulting firm that guides students through every step of the college application process, helping them turn their college dreams into reality. Their personalized, comprehensive approach and expert insight have proven invaluable to many hopeful students.

The changing landscape of college admissions underscores the necessity for dedicated, innovative support services like those provided by AdmissionSight. By anticipating and adapting to these changes, the firm ensures it continues to fulfill its mission of assisting students in achieving their higher education dreams. As colleges reshape their admissions strategies in response to the Supreme Court ruling, AdmissionSight remains committed to helping students stand out and succeed in this new era.

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