Accelerated Care Solutions unveils their solution to the struggling senior care community

Published March 26, 2023

Accelerated Care Solutions is unveiling their solutions, solving the growing issue of the shortage of nurses in assisted senior living.

Currently there are not enough nurses to meet the demands of the assisted living senior community. 49% of all assisted living and memory care communities are operating at a loss. As these assisted living communities moved to for profit based models the rules of operation became leaner.

This led to these communities having less registered nurses as well as less direct care staff such as a nursing assistant, housekeeping and food service employees. In Minnesota, where Accelerated Care Solutions operates, it is mandated that registered nurses be accessible 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.

Accelerated Care Solutions found that when the registered nurses at assisted living communities go home the staff on site are calling them while they are trying to eat and sleep as well as on weekends and over holidays. This has led to many nurses becoming stressed and burnt out, which causes them to seek employment elsewhere or even outside of the industry. Their Virtual Nurse Triage service offering, leverages a Telehealth online platform with virtual nurses to combat this issue allowing for higher nurse retention and better work-life balance, essentially leading to greater productivity within the assisted living communities.

Additionally, these communities are able to recruit more nurses because incorporating this service will enhance the recruitment strategy by having the added benefit of less on-call after hours, which is essentially what nurses are attracted to.

Accelerated Care Solutions is partnering with assisted senior living communities to present nurses the options that best align the passion of the nurse to the work that needs to be done, which is a part of how they are helping to change the industry. This changes the traditional model of nursing. Some nurses prefer traditional on site work and being physically involved in taking care of their patients while other nurses prefer a mix of remote and on site work and then there are nurses who want to move towards remote work permanently.

By giving nurses the options to fulfill roles that best suits them Accelerated Care Solutions is able to bring in nurses to understaffed assisted senior living communities and improve the facilities from a revenue, compliance and cultural perspective.

Another benefit provided by Accelerated Care Solutions is the mandated clinical assessments service, this service will increase the accuracy of these assessments as it provides a fresh set of eyes to complete the process. These assessments have to be done regularly and accurately and due to the current situation with nurses being overworked this service will assist with accurate reports and timely completion and increased revenue.

By offering this hybrid work option more time is available for on site nurses to take care of the patients’ needs. This leads to an increase in revenue that can be used to hire more nurses.

Accelerated Care Solutions can assess if an assisted living community is in need through one of their products called revenue cycle management. This is the process of sending in nurses to do an audit when a facility is losing money or not hitting their financial goals. The nurses audit the facility’s current caseload, and they usually find a high percentage of lost revenue. This reveals that the facility is providing a certain level of care, but is billing for a lower level of care.

Accelerated Care Solutions then helps the facility navigate the pathways to finding the right level of care for patients and setting them up with the nurses who are passionate about fulfilling the needs of that patient.

“There's about 7 million people right now, over the age of 85, and that's really kind of the population that's in these communities," says Mike McGuire, Co Founder of Accelerated Care Solutions. That 7 million is going to double to 14 million by 2040. Our work is important because the wave of elderly is coming, and the current model is not sustainable, and it's going to take creative thinking, technology and bifurcating how the work is done, so that when we get into the future it becomes a sustainable model.”

Accelerated Care Solutions research plan is currently focused on the integration of artificial intelligence within their current virtual nurse triage, which will automate and improve the tech functions as well as the quality and efficiency of the care provided.

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