Abogada Julia: Why is Immigration Law Such a 'Hot Topic'?

Published December 27, 2022

Orlando, FL, United States - 12-27-2022 (PR Distribution™) -

Abogada Julia of GF Immigration Law works to help those who have been smuggled, exploited, human trafficked, and/or suffered from domestic violence. Her journey as an immigrant kickstarted a desire to have a career in the field. 

As time passes and laws are constantly changing it seems as though immigration law continues to stay a hot and relevant topic.

What is immigration law? Immigration law is an essential part of the United States' legal system. The debate surrounding immigration policy often reflects competing views on the economic, cultural, and humanitarian impacts of immigration to the U.S. 

Many people have strong opinions about whether immigrants bring benefits or burdens to American society. These opinions play a significant role in shaping our country's stance on issues related to asylum, deportation, detention, and other factors that influence how immigrants are treated under U.S. law.

Since immigration is such a contentious issue in the U.S., it is critical for those working in this field to understand the laws and regulations governing immigration policies. This requires familiarity with concepts like international human rights law, asylum, and detention, as well as understanding the political and legal environment surrounding immigration issues.

Gaining this level of knowledge, like what Abogada Julia and her team have done throughout their careers, allows them to fight for their clients. .

For those interested in pursuing a career in immigration law, many resources can provide insight into what type of education and experiences may be needed to pursue this field. For example, the American Bar Association website provides information on the requirements for becoming an attorney working in immigration law. 

Additionally, there are professional organizations like the American Immigration Lawyers Association or AILA that provide networking opportunities, continuing legal education (CLE) classes, and conferences related to immigration law topics. These types of organizations can help individuals learn about local opportunities for employment or pro bono work.

There are also online communities where individuals can engage with experts in this field by asking questions or posting information about specific cases.

About GF Immigration Law

Abogada Julia launched GF Immigration Law to help undocumented people find a path for legalization in the United States. The main cases handled by her team are T-Visa cases. In these specific cases, it provides temporary legal status to non-citizen victims of human trafficking. 

She’s also established herself as a social media personality, posting relevant videos on immigration topics to further educate the public on what options are available.

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