What Is Your God-Ordained Destiny?

Published April 26, 2023
Bill and Mary Harrison developed a concept they call "spiritual entrepreneurship". Addressing the challenges faced in fulfilling the requirements of two separate careers without neglecting family obligations.

TULSA, OK, April 26, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Not often is it recommended you start reading a book near the end, but on page 295 of SPIRITUAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP: Fulfilling Your God-Ordained Destiny by Bill and Mary Harrison, you will find the ENTREPRENEUR'S CREDO … "I do not choose to be a common man. I seek opportunity...not security… I want to take the calculated risk; to dream and build, to fail and succeed."

You will not only want to read the entire Credo, but the whole book as well.

Bill Harrison is a widowed, 80-year-old, 3-time cancer survivor with atrial fibrillation, hypertension and an implanted pacemaker, yet he continues to joyfully live an exciting and rewarding life of challenge, adventure, and accomplishment. He does so because he knows who he is, why he is still breathing on this earth and what his life's purpose is.

Bill enables others to experience the kind of life he and his late wife Mary shared for over 50 years. He helps others learn more about who they are and what their purpose is in life. In doing so everyone can begin to share their unique combination of talents, abilities, experience, passion and personality with a world that needs what they and they only have to offer.

Based on their life experiences as a married couple with dual professional careers, Bill and Mary developed a concept they call "spiritual entrepreneurship". The challenges faced in fulfilling the requirements of two separate careers without neglecting family obligations led them to the principles and practices of this concept.

As Bill and Mary learned more about who they were and what their purpose was in life, they found that when they were willing to leave their comfort zone and venture into unknown territory they were able to accomplish much more than they had thought they were capable of. They also discovered they both had a passion to travel to new places, meet new friends and learn about life in other cultures than the one they were raised in.

"Anyone can have the kind of life my wife and I have had if they are willing to take the risk and venture out. Mary and I are no different than anyone else, and they can do what we have done, and probably more."

They were able to visit all 50 of the United States and Puerto Rico and more than 60 other countries before Mary passed away, with their last trip occurring just weeks before she died. Bill has continued to travel since then, visiting South Africa, as well as making a return trip to Greece and the Greek Islands, which they had visited together 20 years before.

"Spiritual Entrepreneurship: Fulfilling Your God-Ordained Destiny", published just before Mary's death, is a book about their lives and what they had learned from their experiences.

"After Mary passed in 2017, I wondered "Why am I still here? and What is my purpose in life now?' I eventually learned life goes on after you lose your spouse and that God still has plans for you. I wrote "Traveling Solo, but Never Alone" to describe my life since my wife's passing and what I have learned during this time."

Both of Bill's books have received many great reviews of praise. "Spiritual Entrepreneurship: Fulfilling Your God-Ordained Destiny" was selected for the Readers' Choice-Christian Leadership award at the 2019 Christian Literary Awards banquet.

If you want to enjoy a more exciting and rewarding life of challenge, adventure and accomplishment, "Spiritual Entrepreneurship: Fulfilling Your God-Ordained Destiny", is a must read.

"Spiritual Entrepreneurship: Fulfilling Your God-Ordained Destiny" is available from Amazon.com and BarnesandNoble.com or anywhere you prefer to buy your books.

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