Heartbeat of Toledo Moves To A New Location

Published February 11, 2024

Heartbeat of Toledo has moved to a new, enhanced facility at 3950 Sunforest Ct., expanding services and accessibility to better serve the community.

TOLEDO, OH, February 11, 2024 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Founded in 1971 by visionaries Dr. John Hillabrand and Mrs. Lore Maier, Heartbeat of Toledo has evolved into a cornerstone of support and empowerment for individuals and families facing the challenges and choices associated with pregnancy. This life-affirming non-profit organization is passionately committed to providing comprehensive information, unwavering support, and valuable resources aimed at helping women and men make informed decisions about pregnancy, fostering strong family bonds, and cultivating healthy, supportive relationships.

Expanding Services to Meet Community Needs
What began with the simple yet vital service of offering free pregnancy testing has now blossomed into a wide array of support services. These include not only pregnancy tests but also ultrasounds, STI testing, options counseling, parenting education, adoption support for birth parents, and post-abortion care. The evolution of Heartbeat's services reflects a deep understanding of the varied and complex needs of those it serves. With a dedicated staff and volunteers, Heartbeat has reached over 13,000 women and families through more than 38,000 visits, offering personalized care and support.

A Holistic Approach to Support
Heartbeat's Your First Look Women's Center and the Heart to Heart Parenting Education program embody the organization's holistic approach to support. Recognizing the importance of emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being alongside physical health, Heartbeat has innovated its care model to include comprehensive social services. This includes the pioneering Sharing Hearts program, a support group for adoptive birth parents, acknowledging and addressing the unique challenges and needs of women considering adoption.

Welcoming the Community to Our New Home
In its mission to serve the Toledo community more effectively, Heartbeat of Toledo has recently moved to a new location at 3950 Sunforest Ct., Suite 104, Toledo, OH 43623. This new office is designed to enhance privacy, comfort, and accessibility for all clients, ensuring every visit is a positive and empowering experience. Adjacent to this, the Your First Look Women's Center in Suite 100 continues to offer specialized services in a welcoming and confidential setting.

Heartbeat of Toledo extends an open invitation to the community to engage with our mission, whether you're seeking support or interested in contributing to our cause. For support, inquiries, or to learn how to help, please call us at (419) 241-9131 or text 567-455-1223. Explore the impact of Heartbeat of Toledo and discover ways to be part of our ongoing journey of support, empowerment, and community building.

As Heartbeat of Toledo strides forward, it carries the legacy of its founders into the future, continually adapting to meet the needs of our community. Our commitment to serving, empowering, and nurturing the individuals and families of Toledo remains unwavering. Join us as we work together to ensure that every person facing pregnancy decisions feels supported, every family is strengthened, and every relationship is nurtured toward a healthier, brighter future.

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