Fans Rally Behind Kevin Costner to Star in Holiday Movie - Petition Surge

Published March 4, 2024

Fans Rally Behind Kevin Costner's Holiday Movie Campaign as "Horizon" Release Nears

LOS ANGELES, CA, March 04, 2024 /24-7PressRelease/ -- With anticipation building for the release of Kevin Costner's latest passion project, "#Horizon," fans of the acclaimed actor are embarking on a heartwarming campaign to usher him into a new realm of his illustrious career - starring in a holiday-themed movie. Spearheaded by devoted supporters, a petition has rapidly gained momentum, amassing over 3,400 signatures and garnering more than 115,300 likes and loves across various social media platforms.

In an exclusive interview with "Extra" Special Correspondent Alecia Davis, Costner revealed his receptiveness to the idea, expressing, "If I do one [holiday movie], I want it to be classic… That's a difficult one to come upon… Someone is gonna have to write something that elevates itself, and if it does, I'll do it."

The initiative, led by Petition Owner Karen Oliver, emphasizes a longing for a holiday film that transcends conventional tropes, aiming for a narrative with the essence of the holiday season at its core, evoking the timeless spirit of classics like "It's A Wonderful Life" and the unexpected charm of "Die Hard," a cherished Christmas favorite for many.

"We are not looking for a 'Hallmark' style movie at all," Oliver emphasizes. "Rather a movie whose underlying theme is the holiday season and is uplifting narrative like 'It's A Wonderful Life.'"

Fans resonate deeply with this sentiment, with comments pouring in expressing their fervent support. "I'm signing because I'm a huge fan, and after a 40 yr career in film with no Christmas movie..... now is the time!!" declares K. Candelori, while P. McClure adds, "I think it would be wonderful for Mr. Costner to do an inspirational Holiday movie that would help to unite our nation and bring hope and light to the entire world."

The overwhelming support across social media platforms underscores the eagerness of fans to see Costner embrace this new cinematic venture. The petition's success, surpassing the 110,000 milestone, reflects the collective desire for Costner to fill the void in holiday cinema with his distinctive presence. The outpouring of enthusiasm includes over 110,200 Facebook reactions, more than 12,100 TikTok endorsements, and 3,400+ signatures on the petition itself.

"Fans of Costner's are looking for a film they can watch every year come the holiday season," notes Oliver. "We are void of seeing our favorite actor during that time of the year."

As the anticipation mounts for the upcoming season 5 premiere of the hit Yellowstone TV series, where Costner shines as John Dutton, alongside the release of "Horizon: An American Saga," his latest endeavor, fans eagerly anticipate the possibility of seeing him grace the silver screen in a festive role. Every signature on the petition serves as a beacon of encouragement, signaling Costner's supporters' unwavering desire to witness his talent shine in a holiday masterpiece.

For more information and to join the campaign, visit:

To join the chorus of voices urging Costner to embrace the holiday movie genre and to sign the petition, visit: Costner Christmas Petition

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About Karen Oliver: A seasoned professional with over three decades of experience in the TV & Film industry, TV Academy member, Kay Oliver is a graduate of CSUF in Radio, TV, Film. As the author of the award-winning series Dr. Kaili Worthy series and seven time award winning novel "Road To Elysium," she brings a wealth of creativity and passion to her diverse body of work.

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