Empowering Africa: Burhani Engineers Ltd Champions Gender Parity in Engineering for Sustainable Development

Published November 1, 2023
Burhani Engineers Ltd, a leading Kenyan construction company, is spearheading the charge for gender-inclusive engineering in Africa.

NAIROBI, KENYA, November 01, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ -- In the dynamic landscape of African development, the role of women in engineering is emerging as a key factor in shaping the continent's future. Burhani Engineers Ltd, a leading Kenyan engineering construction company, is at the forefront of this transformative journey, recognizing the imperative of gender parity for sustainable development.

Addressing Urgent Challenges through Diversity

Africa faces a myriad of challenges, from burgeoning populations to climate change, food security, and inadequate infrastructure. Burhani Engineers Ltd understands that the solutions to these issues lie not only in innovation but in harnessing the potential of its entire population, including women. Currently, women constitute less than 20% of scientists and engineers in Africa, a gender gap that hinders progress.

Engineering a Paradigm Shift

The 'masculinity' tag attached to engineering courses and gender stereotypes perpetuate the undervaluation of women's capabilities in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). Burhani Engineers Ltd advocates for a paradigm shift, urging society to discard these stereotypes. Recognizing that engineering needs diverse skill sets, the company challenges the myth that only top-grade students can pursue engineering, emphasizing the importance of technical and vocational skills acquired at Technical and Vocational Education Training institutes (TVETs).

Government and Industry Collaboration

To address the gender gap, Burhani Engineers Ltd calls for a collaborative approach involving the government and industry stakeholders. The company emphasizes the need for the government to prioritize female student placements in STEM courses at universities and TVETs. Additionally, mentoring and role-modelling programs should be strengthened to support women in engineering throughout their education and career journeys.

The industry, both public and private, plays a pivotal role in shaping the next generation of engineers. Burhani Engineers Ltd, with its diverse engineering expertise in mechanical, instrumentation, civil, and electrical infrastructure, invests in raw talent from engineering institutions. The company's commitment is not just to build infrastructure but to empower a new generation of engineers who can design sustainable solutions for challenges such as food security, affordable housing, climate change, and the circular economy.

Innovative Solutions for Sustainable Development

Burhani Engineers Ltd envisions a future where its female trainees are at the forefront of developing innovative solutions. As the company invests in their training, these engineers will curate solutions that cater to the unique needs of African communities. From solar-powered electricity to water pumps, clean cooking stoves, and mobility solutions designed with a focus on women's needs, the impact will be far-reaching.

A Call to Action: Elevating Engineering for Socioeconomic Benefits

UNESCO's World Engineering Day for Sustainable Development and International Women's Day have highlighted the pressing need to address the gender gap in engineering. Burhani Engineers underscores the urgency of elevating engineering firm to its proper place, recognizing that a diverse workforce is not just beneficial but essential for achieving long-term development goals.

In conclusion, Burhani Engineers Ltd stands as a beacon for change in the African engineering landscape. By championing gender parity, the company is not only investing in the empowerment of women but also contributing to the overall development and competitiveness of the continent. As Africa's next-generation advancements hinge on inclusive and diverse engineering solutions, Kenyan engineering construction company is leading the way towards a more sustainable and equitable future.

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