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News Exclusive on Actor Jeremy Burnett Starring in CBS & ABC

Jeremy Burnett is a multi-dimensional Trinidadian-American Actor currently rising in film and making his mark in the entertainment industry. Jeremy Burnett is inspired by the greatest, including Denzel Washington, Christopher Nolan, Leonardo DiCaprio and has he already worked with notable actors in film. Starting out his journey in the entertainment industry, Jeremy has had his first moments on set successful and working with Donnie Wahlberg!  He is driven to impress industry pro’s with his talent and is ready for the next big project to make an impact to his audience.  With 10+ years of experience in the entertainment industry, Jeremy Burnett has already starred in notable productions including hit TV-Series on major networks including CBS & ABC and even booking national commercials!  Read more on latest news below and find out exclusive confirmed roles. 

Jeremy Burnett in Super-Bowl Commercial with Mary J. Blige !

The super bowl was one of the most anticipated and talked about events in 2022! 100+ millions of viewers watched Actor Jeremy Burnett in the star studded Super Bowl commercial with the legendary singer Mary J. Blidge! Jeremy is seen in the video training Mary J Blidge and promoting a powerful message of self care!

Actor Jeremy Burnett talks his favorite acting roles in recent interview 2022:

“….I want to do something classic that will be remembered for years to come, like the classics like Heat, Scarface, Paid in Full, The Wire, etc. I truly want to be part of projects with complex characters because, at the end of the day, humans are so complex and I think its beautiful when that can be portrayed truthfully on the screen.

Starring in Hit Series & Recent Bookings!

Actor Jeremy Burnett is known for starring ‘Madam Secretary’ (TV-Series), ‘Jessica Jones’ (TV-Series), ‘Limitless’ (TV-Series), ‘Person of Interest’ (TV-Series), Elementary (TV-Series) as the recurring role of Duane Pryor, ‘Blue Bloods’ (TV-Series), Blindspot (TV-Series), and the most recent released in 2021 includes ‘FBI-Most Wanted’ where Jeremy plays the role of Ollie in the episode titled Unhinged. 

Recent bookings confirmed:  According to IMDB Filmography, Actor Jeremy Burnett is starring in ‘The Driven’, a drama-sport genre feature film that is currently list in post-production status!  Jeremy Burnett was also recently featured in a crypto commercial with pro basketball player Joel Embiid of the 67ers!



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