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Newchip Accelerator Program Review: What Do Businesses Think About Newchip?

USA, Texas — Though it is true that many businesses open up after the technological advancements in our world came gushing on us, it is not refutable that ever since the ending of Covid-19 and the restrictions.

young entrepreneurs have been motivated to open up their own businesses using the finance they had stored prior to their initiative.

Covid-19 was the biggest time in the 20th Century where just about every business ended up facing recession, their progress slowly deteriorating. The corona virus’ restrictions brought up too many problems within businesses. It became difficult to manage and things were not so smooth.

However, after the lowering to the pandemic, fresh entrepreneurs are hellbent on opening their own businesses. This is not an easy task; it is quite strenuous if we were to put it in words.

In situations like these, these entrepreneurs need assistance; because everyone starts somewhere. In such dire times, the best friends for entrepreneurs are accelerator programs.

What Is Newchip Accelerator?

The accelerator program known as Newchip Accelerator is one of several that provide their services to entrepreneurs. Accelerator programs seek to educate entrepreneurs about money, capital, and business expansion. In these respects, Newchip is comparable. Newchip is essentially just another accelerator program that teaches entrepreneurs how to manage their new, or staggering fir.

However, several companies have noted that there are specific features that distinguish Newchip from other conventional accelerator programs. Many individuals dispute over whether Newchip has the greatest mentors of any accelerator program, if not the best. However, from Newchip reviews, it can be seen that most and majority of people agree and believe in the fact that Newchip presents forth the best mentors an accelerator program has to offer.

Due of their hefty prices, some individuals do dread Newchip’s accelerator programs. Currently, joining Newchip’s accelerator program will set you back about $7000. However, despite its expensive price, Newchip Accelerator has received excellent feedback from the companies it has cooperated with.

What Precisely Does Newchip Have To Offer As A Part Of Its Services?

As we mentioned prior to this topic, Newchip has ample services to offer. One of its main services being the arrangement between young entrepreneurs and investors. It helps the entrepreneurs gain funds if the investor and entrepreneur talk about it with each other. It also aids them to build connections for the future of their business.

Newchip also holds daily Q and A session for the entrepreneurs so that they can be able to get rid of any query they may have.

Now for the main part. Newchip provides a full covered curriculum, offering all that a young entrepreneurs need to build their own path towards success.

Newchip’s Curriculum Exists Of Three Components:

  • The Pre-Seed Accelerator Program.
  • The Series Seed Accelerator Program
  • The Series A Accelerator Program

Each program differs from another. However their aims can be similar. For example, the Pre-Seed Accelerator Program aims to help the business originate revenue more than 1 million dollars. In a similar manner, the Series Seed Accelerator Program focuses in maximizing the business’ revenue in hopes to take it above 3 million dollars, which is minimum commitment Newchip makes on its curriculum page.

The last program, the Series A Accelerator Program sets its objective to get more than 10 million dollars as the revenue for the business. All these three plans are a full set part of Newchip’s Accelerator Program once you pay 7000 dollars. For an individual, this price may be high, but for businesses, it is generally not. For businesses, it opens new windows of opportunity and helps them stay on the track to success from the start. It gives businesses a long term benefit which is why most businesses do not hesitate in attaining Newchip’s Accelerator Program’s services.

Game Apart’s Review On Newchip’s Accelerator Program:

In order to assess what view point other businesses have about Newchip’s accelerator program, we will be taking the example of a business called “Game Apart.” GameApart’s founder, James Simmons describes his business as a “remote culture building solution” and a “remote culture building platform.” Game Apart, from what James Simmons, its founder has said, has collaborated with other businesses from all sizes to “help them with their remote and hybrid teams.” Game Apart’s mission was to build a platform where people could connect, where they could sort of build a social interaction. It wanted to provide people the opportunity to communicate with others online. Game Apart has accumulated around half a million (500 thousand) worth of revenue. This success story was posted on Newchip’s YouTube on 24th June, 2022. This means that this success story is quite recent when compared to the time of writing for this article.

James Simmons mentioned that he was looking for something else than a “traditional” accelerator. He had already used accelerators before-hand, he was even an advisor for accelerator programs, however, Newchip still managed to leave a good impression on him. In his words, Newchip had what he needed to bring his business to light.

After their indulgence with Newchip’s Accelerator Program and its services, Game Apart went from 250 to 500 dollars a month, to a whopping 5000 dollars a month. Though this number may not seem as huge, the difference between the old and new value still goes for a lot of value.

James Simmons said that Newchip helped Game Apart go “from a B to C company to a B and B company.” Game Apart’s gushing increase in revenue came from the fact that before using Newchip they “hadn’t even considered a crowd funding campaign.” Newchip provided aid to Game Apart by helping them go through the entire crowd funding campaign process.

Game Apart’s Ending Reviews On Newchip:

Unlike other entrepreneurs, James Simmons does not give a full ending review about Newchip; however his words explain the importance Newchip has played in order to shape up his businesses. To him, Game Apart was not meant to be a pure success project. James started it due to the consumer demand and the post-pandemic world. With not many hopes attached to his project, Newchip gave him the shreds of hope he was not being able to collect and helped his business strive on the path to success.

To James and Game Apart, Newchip is that one accelerator that was ‘traditional.’ It was something original, and something James Simmons wanted.

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