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New Substitute For Vegan Leather By Asif Ali Gohar

Hamburg, Germany – Asif Ali Gohar has been on a long journey searching for vegan alternatives to leather. He was born in Karachi, Pakistan, and he spent the first eleven years of his life there. When he was twelve years old, Asif and his parents moved to Hamburg, Germany.

By the age of fifteen, Asif became a vegan. The change came because Asif was tired of the injustice to animals. The idea of killing animals for food did not feel right to him, which is when he stopped consuming meat.

Such a change was the most crucial transformation in Asif’s life because it set the tone for other changes to come. Asif was given a project that accelerated his interest in vegan substitutes for leather even further in high school. However, his journey took a significant turn when he entered college.

Asif enrolled in the University of Hamburg and was doing his majors in business administration. During this time, Asif was experimenting with new vegan alternatives to leather. After many tests and experimentation, he found the rice to be a fantastic alternative.

That is because Asif found a way to turn rice into a leather slime. While he used rice as the main ingredient, Asif also added acetic acid bacteria and yeast to solidify the rice and give it a leather texture. No one else is using rice as a vegan leather alternative in the industry.

The reason Asif was testing and experimenting with rice was because of his heritage and history. Asif’s hometown is Pakistan, and using rice was his way of connecting with his homeland. He aims to use rice to bring a revolutionary change in the international vegan leather market.

Pakistan has a high leather export market. That is because Pakistan exports leather over the value of $800 million. Such a high amount contributes to 4% of the GDP of the country.

The quality of leather in Pakistan is excellent as it is one of the biggest producers. On the other hand, Pakistan is also the tenth biggest exporter of rice. It contributes 8% to the total rice trade worldwide.

Because Pakistan has immense information on leather and rice, Asif aims to change the vegan leather industry through his hometown. His venture is still in its early phases as Asif figures out how to execute his dream in the best possible way.

Call To Investors In Pakistan:

To transform the market of vegan leather, Asif requires investors to get his business idea started. If you are an investor looking to invest in an excellent idea, you must not look any further. The vegan leather market will come to a value of over $80 billion, which means you can make an immense profit.

On the other hand, if you know any rice or leather manufacturers in Pakistan, you can help them contact Asif. Anything you do will be highly appreciated, as such small things can go a long way when starting a new business. Thank you for your time.

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