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New MetaManor NFTs by Bridxe Help Artists, Creators Monetize 3D Art and NFTs, Access the Metaverse with Interoperability

Bridxe, an innovative start-up, has been recognized for simplifying entry into the Metaverse for artists and creators and bridging the artistic-technical divide between developers and artists with its no-code solution. To promote the platform, Bridxe has sponsored and announced the release of its new MetaManor NFT collection, a bundle of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) closely linked with the Metaverse.

“We are making access to the Metaverse easier than ever before,” remarked Jonathan Matsumoto, CEO and Co-Founder of Bridxe. “Many 3D artists and creators have tremendous talent, but lack skills in programming that are required to take advantage of this new and exciting market. We simplify the process with our no-code solution for Metaverse access,” he added.

MetaManor NFTs are the world’s first set of digital assets designed for the Metaverse. Crafted to promote the Bridxe platform, highlight the close ties between NFTs and the Metaverse, and maximize interoperability between different Metaverses, like Decentraland and Roblox, from day one, the NFTs showcase the value of connecting different Metaverses in this way. A hot field that has been traditionally decentralized, MetaManor NFTs’ interoperability removes the complicated, fragmented past that was riddled with different game makers who each had different sets of standards.

“Supporters of MetaManor NFTs will have an exclusive opportunity to become one of the first content curators in the Metaverse, and to generate income every time someone deploys one of their NFTs,” added Joshua Xu, Co-Founder of Bridxe. “This opportunity to access the Metaverse and bridge the divide between developers and artists is available worldwide,” he added.

There are 3333 MetaManor NFTs available for mint. To learn more about MetaManor NFT, please visit or

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Company Name: MetaBridges Co DBA Bridxe
Address:3513 Concord pike, Suite 3100
City: Wilmington
State: Delaware
Country: United States

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