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New boutique film production company announcing a collaboration with small businesses and up-coming artists

New boutique film production company announcing a collaboration with small businesses and up-coming artists

We are excited to announce the opening of Take the World, a boutique production and management company, aimed to revolutionize the way the audience interacts with films. We’re connecting small businesses with upcoming talent to produce new scripted content and commercial content aimed at helping that small-biz to grow on social media. We want everyone to feel like they can produce a movie, without having to jump through all the professional hoops. You and your neighbor can become a financier for films made by talented artists.

Take the World aims to make social commentary films across multiple genres but is expected to start in social horror. Spearheaded by a number of New York University alumni, including KM Keeling, Take the World is committed to telling diverse and inclusive stories that reflect society’s issues and help connect audience members.

Success in the modern world requires a modern form of networking, and the goal of Take the World is to connect small business with partners in front of and behind the camera for synergistic relationships. Aside from scripted projects, TTW also aims to produce in-house content for smaller enterprises. By producing promotional materials and digital ad shoots for businesses, TTW can develop new talent and open a broader market for creatives, not just influencers.

Take the World currently is in the pre-production process for four short films that are expected to be released this year and next year, so keep your eyes out for their upcoming projects. TTW is also looking to work with more small businesses to create meaningful commercial content.

You can follow Take the World at their website to stay updated on their work. Make a difference in the film industry today, use Take the World for their professional services or help them finance their next project.

Media Contact
Company Name: Take the World, LLC
Contact Person: KM Keeling
Email: Send Email
Phone: (213) 640-7447
City: Los Angeles
State: California
Country: United States

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