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New book: Climate Change and the road to Net-Zero, ex-banker says net-zero cheaper than fossil-fuels

Dr Hampshire-Waugh argues a 20-year Net-Zero transition not only solves climate change, but also creates a 25% cheaper energy network, 20% more jobs, and >5% more GDP.

(PRUnderground) June 11th, 2021

In his new book, CLIMATE CHANGE and the road to NET-ZERO, scientist and former investment banker Dr Mathew Hampshire-Waugh details how humanity has broken free from the shackles of poverty, suffering, and war and for the first time in human history grown both population and prosperity. He also demonstrates how a single species has reconfigured the natural world, repurposed the Earth’s resources, and begun to re-engineer the climate. The book uses these conflicting narratives to explore the science, economics, technology, and politics of climate change. For more information watch the synopsis at or read at

“NET-ZERO blows away the entrenched idea that solving global warming requires a trade-off between the economy and environment, present and future generations, or rich and poor, and reveals why a twenty-year transition to a zero carbon system is a win-win solution for all on planet Earth.” – Dr Mathew Hampshire-Waugh, Author

“An excellent layman’s perspective of the climate problem today, how it has evolved over time, and the different approaches to solving the problem. I recommend it highly.” Mark Z. Jacobson, Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Stanford University and author of 100% Wind, Water, and Solar.

“The author brings his wide ranging experience of financial markets to add a unique insight to the climate challenge. Revealing why we need a sound understanding of economics, climate science and financial modelling to give us the signals we need to act today.” Mark Campanale, Executive Chairman of the Carbon Tracker Initiative and founder of the ‘unburnable carbon’ capital markets thesis.

Dr Mathew Hampshire-Waugh is a former director at a global investment bank where his work focussed on renewables, electric cars, batteries, and biofuels. The author gained his doctorate in materials chemistry from UCL, working on nanomaterials to enhance the performance of energy-saving windows and solar panels.

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NET-ZERO is an organization helping to empower action on climate change through knowledge building, fostering collaboration, and bridging the climate divide. The organization offers comprehensive and objective information and consulting on the physical impacts of global warming, climate change solutions, and the risks and opportunities surrounding a zero-carbon transition.

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