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NeuroServo Inc announces that Health-Canada granted a Medical Device License to VEEGix, NeuroServo’s EEG

NeuroServo Inc announces that Health-Canada granted a Medical Device License to VEEGix, NeuroServo's EEG
NeuroServo Inc annonces that Health-Canada granted a Medical Device Licence to VEEGix, NeuroServo’s EEG.

On September 29th 2021, NeuroServo received a medical device license (MDL) from Health Canada to manufacture and start sales of its proprietary Instant Use EEG, VEEGix.

Earlier January 2021, NeuroServo received the IEC/EN 60601 and 80601-2-26 certifications.

“We built an extreme precision frontal EEG and are now pursuing our efforts to develop pathology detection algorithms. Our clinical trial on post-operative delirium is ongoing at CHUM (Montréal),” said Nicolas Tremblay, Eng., CEO of NeuroServo.

“We can now initiate the sales of our instant EEG device for intensive care units as a Cerebral Function Monitor in Canada. USA and Europe medical license are planned for 2022,” said Jérôme Arnaud, COO of NeuroServo.

NeuroServo is an early stage medical device company developing an advanced portable and wireless prefrontal EEG with real time brainwave analysis and pathology detection.

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Company Name: NeuroServo Inc.
Contact Person: Jérôme Arnaud
Email: Send Email
Phone: +1 514.536.0250
Country: Canada

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