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Narcissus Jewelry: Introducing fair priced tailor-made fine jewelry

Narcissus Jewelry is bringing a new way to price handcrafted and ethically sourced jewelry. “No markup or middlemen.”

Narcissus Jewelry is changing how custom-made jewelry pieces are priced. Usually, jewelry pieces cost an arm and a leg, and this is mostly due to jewelry brands applying high markups and go-betweens in their dealings. To ensure fair-priced, ethically sourced jewelry, Narcissus works with its customers to craft a new way to look at jewelry pricing. “We can offer the highest quality fine jewelry for unbeatable prices. We design fine jewelry that you can wear every single day.”

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The jewelry industry has always had people settling because they cannot get exactly what they want, jewelry pieces are either too expensive, or those within a customer’s price range are not the best quality. Therefore, Narcissus Jewelry steps in with fine quality jewelry carefully crafted in their studios. “Narcissus Jewelry is made consciously in our studio using sustainable 14k solid gold and ethically sourced stones.” The company’s UK London head office is the main base, but it has since expanded to include a San Francisco San Mateo office and a studio in Athens, Greece.

Narcissus began as a family business back in 1953 and has kept up the original commitment to provide expertly crafted pieces to the industry. Narcissus offers custom handcrafted solid gold jewelry encrusted with diamonds while keeping up with changing trends. The company boasts decades of experience, which has helped the company thrive in the current space and continue to provide exceptional jewelry to customers.

By making customers part of the jewelry-making process, Narcissus allows people to choose between diamond sizes for the pieces they want. They also choose the chain length and number of diamonds on the piece they want. All jewelry is made from responsibly and recycled gold, ethically sourced diamonds, and AAA-grade gemstones. “At Narcissus, we believe in jewelry as a way of expressing yourself. We are committed to fair prices and fine jewelry without the traditional industry markups.” These efforts by Narcissus are making luxury fine jewelry accessible to more people. “We design and manufacture our own line: Narcissus. We remove middlemen so that our customers can access fine jewelry every day, not just on special occasions.”

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With the growing digitization of the industry, buying jewelry online is quickly becoming a norm, and Narcissus caters to this. Narcissus instills confidence in clients by providing a comprehensive shopping experience. “Our team of professionals is more than happy to alleviate any doubts or questions you have regarding our jewelry collection.” The brand also offers additional details on each jewelry piece upon request. “We have taken many steps to ensure that all our products are displayed with pictures, having the best resolution from all angles.” This gives the customer a raw view of the product they are getting. It also ensures a seamless shopping experience since clients can easily find what they need on Narcissus Jewelry.

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