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Nailed It Roofing facilitates financed solar roofing installation in Charlotte NC

Nailed It Roofing facilitates financed solar roofing installation in Charlotte NC
Nailed It Roofing is proud to start offering financed solar solutions for the residents of Charlotte, NC.

Charlotte, North Carolina – Charlotte based Nailed It Roofing, the reputed Solar Roofing Installation contractor has announced the launch of financed roofing solutions for customers of Titan Solar Roofs. The company, known for high levels of professionalism and timely execution of solutions, has a separate team to handle solar roofing installation.

A spokesperson for Nailed It Roofing shared interesting information about solar installation, “many residents may be unaware that that government offers residents a tax break on property taxes, if their homes are powered by solar energy”. An excellent initiative, the NC Solar Rebates and Federal Solar Tax Credit offer substantial savings and exemptions from taxes when the premises are exclusively intended for residential purposes.

In addition to the savings, homeowners also get the benefit of contributing to the environment by going green with a fully sustainable energy source. As the spokesperson pointed out, “as the demand for power in homes will only increase in a gadget driven world, it is only a question of time before there is an uptick in power requirements, which could have a serious impact on the environment”. Large areas in various parts of the globe are experiencing the fallout of environmental damage. Sustainable energy sources are the way forward to cope with the steadily increasing power requirements.

Residences that switch over to solar power, have the dual advantage of cutting down on power bills in addition to living responsibly. The spokesperson continued, “grid power has witnessed an increase, and there really is no other option other than price hikes, as power companies need to contend with rising costs globally”. With solar power it is possible to be immune to the price hike and keep monthly expenses and bills in check.

One of the reasons faced by residents was the Charlotte NC Solar Installation costs. The attractive finance option helps residents cope with this, and the easy repayment options keeps the pinch on the wallet lower than expected. Combined with the tax breaks announced by NC and the federal government, this is turning out to be an attractive option for residents in North Carolina. Reputed solar roofing installation contractors have reported an increase in enquiries and installation requests, indicating greater interest among residents.

Nailed It Roofing operates out of two locations, Greenville and Charlotte, enjoying high ratings from customers who have used their services. The company facilitates a free inspection to determine the requirements, costs, and the actual timelines for completion of installation. The spokesperson added important information, “solar roofing as a power source for the residence makes it necessary to ensure that the wiring and other components are compatible. Most homeowners assume that Charlotte NC Solar Installation beginsand ends with the installation. This is incorrect; we need to assess requirements for the house, the type of support necessary for the panels, and various other assessments. For instance, if the homeowner wishes to increase the capacity at a later date, we need to accommodate this requirement. Solar roofing installation requires technical expertise and knowledge of roofing as well as solar power at a high level. This is what makes us a reputable company. Our installations are designed to work flawlessly and with just the basic cleaning/maintenance of the panels for smooth functioning”.

The company facilitates the assessment and carries out the installation in collaboration with Titan Solar and handles the financing of the installation. This package is designed to offer homeowners the freedom to choose the right solar power solution and enjoy multiple benefits of tax breaks and exemptions without having to bear all the costs upfront. The spokesperson offered additional information, “when a resident utilizes the professional services of a roofing installation specialist, the resident receives a complete solution. There are various requirements that many are unaware of; for instance, it is necessary to ensure that the panels are easily accessible, without water stagnation. The load on the existing or proposed roof needs to be at levels that will not impact the structure. All these assessments require knowledge and resources, which we at Nailed It Roofing possess”.

Charlotte NC Solar Installation costs are determined by multiple factors, the size of the residence, the type of roof (existing or proposed), the amount of power required, and the structural strength of the building. The company helps residents receive a quick quote for the costs towards the installation, after a thorough assessment of the building. The no-obligation inspection is intended to help residents learn all about the costs involved, and the solution. The interaction is also designed to help residents learn more about the finance options, in addition to the impact of the tax breaks and exemptions.

There is a distinction between a complete exemption and partial exemption. Nailed It Roofing specialists offer a complete explanation of the tax exemptions and credits, helping users to understand the benefits in terms of actual savings involved. Most residents are likely to have limited knowledge of the impact and may only be aware of the percentage of the tax breaks or exemption, without a clear interpretation of the actual amount.

Out of pocket expenses towards solar installation are often the stumbling block to solar power sources and installation. Nailed It Roofing with proven Charlotte NC Solar Installation solutions ensures that customers get clean, environmentally friendly, and sustainable power source with virtually zero out of pocket expenses, through the finance options. The tax breaks, and savings in power bills are incentives to help residents switch over to a meaningful solution. The company offers solutions that will aesthetically blend in with the curb appeal of the existing building, which has also been a major reason for apprehension among homeowners.

Nailed It Roofing can be reached through their website contact us page, at, or the contact number manned 24/7, displayed on the site. Interested residents can place a request for a call back and a detailed assessment of requirements along with a complete explanation of the processes involved and the costs towards solar roof installation.

Homeowners looking for more information can visit Nailed It Roofing at 3540 Toringdon Way Suite 200, Charlotte, NC 28277 or call them or call them 24/7 at (980) 265-2350.

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