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N-Pop Artist, Taurie, Drops New Single, Hypnotize Me

For an immediate release-pop artist, Taurie is in the news once more with her latest new single dropped in the market. The latest single “Hypnotize Me” is already a fan favorite and the artist is becoming an ever-increasing sensation in the music industry.

Taurie has already been regarded as one of the most amazing music artists making a way in the music industry. The artist is best known for her extraordinary way of composing music and music videos.

Another attractive point for Taurie is her compelling personality and her ability to multitask with ease. She is not only praised for being a fabulous singer but her modeling career is on point and her songwriter skills are no less than some of the big names in the industry.

However, the unique element about her is the sultry soul singing that makes her so highly valued amongst her fans and in the industry. Sources wanted to get more regarding this and so arranged an up close and personal interview with the artist herself.

“I take pride in what I do because that’s what matters the most. For me, progressing forward with the unique element that I have is the most important thing. I don’t mind going beyond my limits because that is when you actually explore your true potential,” Taurie stated.

“I like to create music that not only enchants my listeners but also comes with the unique, never before seen element. That is something you don’t see every day in music releases and that is what I always focus on. For me, my sultry soul singing mixed with my composition brings out the true combination of a lovable and inspiring musical experience,” she added.

Overall, Taurie has been praised well enough for her work. Within her achievements, she has won the prestigious 2021 award at Garden State Film Festival for her early release “Mistletoe”. Apart from that, she stands out from the rest of the artists in her domain because of her self-taught ability to play various instruments.

She is skilled in playing the ukulele, bass and electric guitar, piano, and keyboard. Furthermore, her latest single is another addition to her existing two albums, four singles, and multiple other releases, all of which the fans have highly lauded her for.

Not to mention Taurie has been featured in a number of magazines, including B.E.T, VEVO, The Source Magazine, etc. It’s not only her singing career that Taurie bags. She has over 40 press releases featured on her amazing journey and the achievements she has achieved so far.

When it comes to interpersonal abilities and behavior, Taurie is one of the most compassionate and ethically dedicated artists in the industry. Pursuing her career, she makes sure to hustle in the right manner and succeed using her talent and singing skills.

She is already hailed as an amazing artist and is regarded as one of the remarkable emerging superstars in the industry. As for the future, Taurie intends to bring her Nigerian pop mixes for her fans, giving them a sensational experience every time.

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