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My Aligned Life: Nurturing Spiritual Women with Dynamic Experiences for an Authentically Changed Life

Finding freedom from negative emotional experiences through Movement Medicine

Life happens — it’s beautiful and terrifying at the same time. Sometimes, it brings people to the highest of highs, and other days, it gives people a gentle reminder to stay grounded as they come face to face with challenges. Fortunately, My Aligned Life is here to help people heal their negative emotional experiences through their speicalized Movement Medicine™ Modality, bringing the physical, emotional and energetic (atheric) body back into homeostasis & Alignment..

In the course of everyday experiences, it is easy to feel overwhelmed and vulnerable, and believe it or not, the body keeps the score. According to Dr. David Hawkins, people have been accustomed to overthinking their lives. “It’s always worried about the future. It’s always thinking about the past. It’s not by finding the answers, but by undoing the basis of your problems that you are able to reach great clarity and move past your obstacles. By letting go of your thoughts and feelings that cause you pain, you can become free,” he added.

There is no better time to find freedom from complex trauma stemming from negative emotional experiences with people and environments. Through My Aligned Life, Sharmeen has been combining ancient intuitive practices with science-based healing to provide people with a dynamic experience towards an authentically changed life.

Embark on life, free from all the negativity, deeply connected with Joy. Visit to know more.

About My Aligned Life

My Aligned Life is a small online business working on land called Toronto, Canada. Movement Medicine™ is an intuitive movement method created by Sharmeen Bhanji-Abeysinghe.

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Company Name: My Aligned Life
Contact Person: Sharmeen Bhanji-Abeysinghe
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Country: Canada

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