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Multi-utility IggyBoy NFTs with the Metaverse perspective

1ATH.Studio-the creators of the ReelBulls game development brand that is going to become number one in the utility NFT with a metaverse future in the gaming industry. The innovative approach, long-term roadmap, solid partnerships, and marketing resources make ReelBulls an emerging market leader. They are now all set to release a high-quality 3D IggyBoy NFT collection with multiple utilities offered to NFT holders.

California – December 27th, 2021 – The latest trend in the iGamingindustry is to merge online games and NFTs which is a new technology to put online content on blockchain and create unique non-fungible tokens. ReelBulls.Club takes a new turn to produce a collection of around 10,00 unique IggyBoy NFTs that besides their collectible value bring utility to their holders. This is a well-planned long-term project with the key focus being to establish a serious NFT game development platform to provide passive income to NFT holders. The first game will be titled IggyBoy and members of the IggyBoycommunity are to become shareholders of the brand. 


1ATH.Studio and ReelBulls have merged their powers in a solid marketing campaign while company designers are finalizing the collection of 3D NFTs. The whitelist has already been open and the whitelisted members will get several perks that include discounts, a priority during the presale, cash bonuses, and even additional NFT as well.

1ATH.Studio Head of Marketing Amy O.was quoted as saying, “We are not here for a short-term gig. We do have a detailed, solid road map and a long-term plan that we are sure will capitalize into something big. Our NFTs will end up having both utility and benefits. This is why we are sure that this project is to become immensely popular as well. Our mission is to employ time-proven, solid technologies provided by our established industry partners. We connect technologies to blockchain enabling transparency and provably fair experience.

”The main goal of the company is to produce high-utility NFTs that give an opportunity to receive monthly passive income to the NFT holders. In other words, community member sareto collect the NFT tokens to get the chance to receive company shares. 1ATH Studio comes up with an idea to create the biggest iGaming community and ReelBulls.Club game development brand is one of its projects. ReelBulls.Club is about to release IggyBoy NFT collection and the IggyBoy game that will bring profits to NFT holders. ReelBulls announced that the collection of 10,000 3D IggyBoy NFTs is in progress and the presale will happen in January. 

As an ultimate goal, they seek to create a new vUniversum metaverse with lots of 1ATH.Studio in-house gaming products, such as arcades, sports, and entertainment. The vUniversum metaverse land will be available for purchase for the NFT holders and this is going to become a Virtual Vegas as 1ATH.Studio founders state.

Those who are on the lookout to know more about the different ways this utility NFTindustry is likely to develop and even seek information about the campaigns should make it a point to visit their Discord: 

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Company Name: 1ATH.Studio
Contact Person: Rika M
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City: Munich
Country: Germany

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