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Motivational Speaker of Talk With Tevin LLC Lands Number One Best-Selling Book on Amazon

Tevin Ali’s book ‘Forging Your Inner Diamond’ aims to help others overcome personal struggles

Tevin Ali, Motivational Speaker of Talk With Tevin LLC, has landed a number one best-selling book on online buying platform Amazon.

His novel Forging Your Inner Diamond, is an adventure story blended with self-help wisdom. The book is also a tribute to how we all have the power to overcome our life adversities and transform into a ‘diamond in the rough’ if we believe in the transformation process it takes to forge a diamond. His book focuses on themes of trial, triumph, and transformation to help others uplift themselves out of their darkest moments.

Tevin shares four key lessons in his novel that led him to overcome barriers as a first-generation college student, low-income minority, and immigrant to become a first-generation graduate and achieve noteworthy achievements. He hopes to pass the wisdom on to others. His novel’s target audience is college students, but it can be for anyone seeking a bit of transformative inspiration at a low point in their life. Whether one is going through hardship, battling self-defeating thoughts, or feeling stuck through life’s challenging experiences, this book aims to provide comfort and inspiration.

“If even one line or piece of wisdom presented in my book leaves someone inspired, then it has done its job, and I’m eternally grateful,” Tevin shares. His deepest hope is that his book reaches the hands of those who need inspiration to overcome their personal adversities.

As a motivational speaker, Tevin helps prepare college students for what’s next by providing transformative learning experiences to educate and inspire students for success in their college years and beyond. He speaks on overcoming adversity, resilience, personal growth, and leadership to help audiences reach their highest aspirations.

The #1 best-selling book is available on Amazon. Also available on Barnes & Nobles.

About Talk With Tevin LCC:

Tevin Ali wakes up every day with the mission to help prepare students for what’s next, which he does as a Motivational Speaker in the education space through his organization Talk With Tevin LLC. That mission arose from his struggles growing up as a low-income minority and as a first-generation college student. Since overcoming those challenges, Tevin has served as an inspiration in the community.

As a successful professional speaker in higher education, Tevin has been the recipient of numerous awards and featured in National Media such as The New York Times and The US News & World Report Magazine for his leadership and commitment to empowering students to persist and succeed in their endeavors. As an empowering speaker, Tevin has touched the lives of thousands of students and professionals in their journeys through speaking on topics such as overcoming adversity, resilience, personal growth, and leadership.

To learn more about his work as a speaker and author, visit

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