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Mokum Stake Pool Contributes To The Cardano Project For Positive Global Change

Mokum Stake Pool contributes to the Cardano project, using blockchain technology to improve the world. The stake pool facilitates the many revolutionary developments on the Cardano network to create positive global change. On top of that, Stake Pool Operator Fabian has committed to support the charity Save the Children with the revenues from the stake pool.

Stake Pool Operator Fabian is pleased to announce the launch of Mokum Stake Pool – a mission-driven Cardano stake pool. The Cardano project aims to use blockchain technology to improve the world by making systems more inclusive, transparent and efficient. The Cardano blockchain platform distinguishes itself by its rigorous method of research and development, resulting in an energy-efficient network using its ‘proof of stake’ protocol, a cost-efficient network and a sustainable form of governance.

“I am thrilled to be a part of the Cardano project and the significant opportunities it provides to create positive global change. I particularly support the mission of Cardano to create attainable financial services for everyone, which is a goal close to my heart.” Said Fabian, operator of Mokum Stake Pool.

It is possible to invest in the Cardano project by buying ADA – the cryptocurrency used on the Cardano blockchain. ADA holders are then able to delegate their ADA to a stake pool, delegating their rights to participate in the ‘proof of stake’ protocol. Delegating, or ‘staking’, contributes to the decentralization of the Cardano network and generates significant ‘rewards’ (returns on investment) for its delegators. Whenever a stake pool produces a block for the Cardano blockchain, its delegators are rewarded in proportion to the amount of ADA delegated to the pool.

More information about Cardano, staking and delegation is available at

About Mokum Stake Pool

Mokum Stake Pool is a mission-driven Cardano stake pool powered by renewable energy and located in Amsterdam. The profits of the pool are donated to the charity Save the Children, which was selected because of its exceptional approach to humanitarian assistance. In addition, Save the Children welcomes donations made in ADA, which maximizes the effect of donations from Mokum Stake Pool.

On top of that, Mokum Stake Pool is committed to maintain low fees and is operated reliably. Its uptime is verifiable, the pool adheres to the hardware setup recommended for the future and is monitored 24/7 via Grafana, which contains an alerting system.

Media Contact
Company Name: Mokum Stake Pool
Contact Person: Fabian Hogers
Email: Send Email
Country: Netherlands

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