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MiToken Technology and MiMeta Debuts New Decision-Making Platform focused on Empowering Communities

MiToken Technology and MiMeta Debuts New Decision-Making Platform focused on Empowering Communities
Building the next generation of digital engagement to connect communities

NOVEMBER 09, 2022 – Joydeep Mondal is the founder of MiToken Technology and MiMeta, a top blockchain and fintech company in Sheffield, UK, and he has now, announced that his company has designed a meta-decision-making platform that aims to democratise information for integrated decision-making and participation.

His company provides the MiToken platform and the MiMeta mobile application, which serve as the gateway to the “Metaverse,” enabling communities to self-express, share ownership, and share interests in order to promote peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development, provide access to democratic rights for all, and build effective, accountable, and inclusive institutions at all levels.

To meet the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs) by 2030, the MiToken platform and MiMeta mobile application will create a digital universe for communities known as “commutology” to establish their digital presence. “Commutology” provides digital access to the meta-decision-making system to communities in the metaverse in order to improve the “future of governance,” and “future of democracy.”

The MiToken platform and MiMeta mobile applications are now available globally on Web 3, iOS, and Android. People can use these platforms to stay informed, participate in decision-making, and access exclusive content by connecting and engaging with like-minded communities. People will be able to become influencers in their own communities through the platform, and they will be incentivised to stay engaged by receiving community generated NFTs as a reward.

“The MiToken platform and MiMeta mobile application will benefit future generations.” It is more than a technology; it is a long-term solution for human civilisation. “It is the largest platform with the highest level of engagement” says Co-founder, Disha Paul.

In short, the MiToken platform and MiMeta mobile application are the voice of billions of people, with a vision to meet community needs in the twenty-first century and a futuristic mission of developing blockchain use cases for social impact and “meta decision-making.” More information can be found at

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Company Name: MiToken Technology Limited
Contact Person: Joydeep Mondal
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Phone: +44 114 457 9602
Country: United States

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