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Minority Owned Real Estate School Promotes Black Prosperity

Minority Owned Real Estate School Promotes Black Prosperity

Detroit, Michigan – In the wake of Black Lives Matter and the newly sanctioned holiday Juneteenth, Strather Academya Michigan licensed African American owned Real Estate Investment School is stepping into a more responsible role to help African Americans become more wealth conscious.Their theme this year is “Black Prosperity Matters”. The Academy is offering a few free orientation real estate courses to African Americans interested in creating generational wealth for their family.

Herb Strather is a Detroit based real estate developer who founded Strather Associates, and Strather Academy, the real estate investment school. “My primary purpose is to create a new generation of real estate developers around the nation”, said Strather; he went on to say, “black prosperity matters to my culture; urban wealth goes hand in hand with that prosperity… but building a stable economy in our communities is the key to success… nobody is going to do it for us, we must do it for ourselves”.

Strather is not a novice in the real estate business; he negotiated over $2.5 Billion dollars in real estate transactions since 1974, was the former president of Motorcity Casino in Detroit, Michigan, investing partner of the Woodbridge Estates in Detroit; spearheaded and financed the effort to name streets after the Motown stars, was the sole silent investor to create the signs to name a street after Berry Gordy Jr, former founder of Motown (which was proposed by then Detroit city council member Martha Reeves), is the leading club builder of Optimist Club International, and was the president of the historic St. Regis Hotel  also in Detroit.

The free real estate orientation classes will run for 3 weeks every Tuesday at 6pm est. The specific dates and time are below:

Tuesday June 29, 2021

Tuesday July 6, 2021

Tuesday July 13, 2021

Starting time for all dates 6pm est.

Go to: (To go to the free classes)

(If you do not already have the Zoom video Conference platform, you will be directed to download the app.)

ID#: 3134449691

Password: 3134449691

For more information, Contact:

Robin McLellan
Deputy Director

Media Contact
Contact Person: Robin McLellan
Email: Send Email
Phone: (313) 444-9851
Country: United States

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