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Mingo Technologies chooses Dubai to continue building its Web3 Entities

Mingo has been formed to bring Web3 products to everyday people.

Gibraltar-based Mingo Technologies announced on Thursday that it has obtained an NFT Marketplace licence to operate in Dubai via the DMCC.

The company which has recently also partnered with recently retired heavyweight boxing champion Tyson Fury have chosen the UAE and the DMCC as its base to accelerate the realisation of the vision for Web3, NFT’s (non-fungible tokens) and the metaverse.

Mingo NFT’s will not only be a marketplace for its own projects. The plan also includes becoming an ‘NFT factory’ providing client solutions for pursuing projects in the NFT arena.

Mingo Technologies DMCC has been set up to launch numerous projects inside the Web3 arena as well as consult for companies wishing to do the same. Its first project Mingo chat is seen as a revolutionary way to communicate and pay using one app linked to many social media channels.

“These licences from the DMCC are a milestone in our journey to being fully set up for our clients in this region and the rest of the world. Setting up in the UAE was the logical next step as it shares our vision for how the shared digital world will be in the future,” said Mingo Technologies  CEO Joseph Arthur in a statement.

Furthermore, Mingo has also embarked on a number of projects that will span 2022 and beyond. This includes two play to earn games where players will be able to compete against each other and obtain coins.

The company’s leadership team includes Joseph Arthur, co-founder and CEO,  and Deirdre Arthur, co-founder and chairman.

“Mingo is committed to creating world-leading Web3 solutions not only within the UAE but also throughout the MENA region and beyond. The UAE is increasingly becoming the place to be for Web3 and NFT projects,” said Deirdre Arthur Chairman Mingo Technologies

Contact Information:

Sayed Baharun
[email protected]
Dubai, UAE

Media Contact
Company Name: Mingo Technologies
Contact Person: Sayed Baharun
Email: Send Email
Phone: 00971585255366
City: Dubai
Country: United Arab Emirates

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