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Meet PulSaR: The World’s First Crypto Hub from the leading launchpad platform ProjectStarter

ProjectStarter, a leading and evolved launchpad platform, has brought “PulSaR” to the market, making it the world’s first crypto hub.

“PulSaR Crypto Hub” has received a tremendous deal of attention from both mainstream media and social media, capping off a successful few weeks for ProjectStarter and its developers.

We are pleased to be the world’s first crypto hub with a full and stackable ecosystem with real-world utilisation for our holders,” says Gary Liu, Chief Strategic Officer.

PSR is ProjectStarter’s native token, and its holders gain access to “PulSaR Crypto Hub”. Aside from providing a crypto launchpad for its users, PSR may also be utilised to reap the benefits of services provided by the PulSaR Crypto Hub.

These benefits are included within ProjectStarter’s three rock-solid utilisation pillars and can be “plug and play” into them.

The first pillar of the program is “Wealth Accumulation,” which provides a 20 to 50 percent return on investment, paid out in the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) stable coin, BUSD. This is the game-changer that makes their launchpad so unique. No other platform out there in the crypto space allows users to stake a platform’s native tokens to earn APY% yield in the BUSD stable coin.

The second pillar, “Crypto Commerce,” consists of the first fiat-enabled NFT marketplace and a 3D Art Gallery containing HNI NFT Art Pieces.

Our fiat-enabled NFT marketplace enables a new demographic of non-crypto savvy users to enter the crypto-sphere with more simplicity and lower obstacles to entry, bringing more retail users to the industry,” says Liu.

We also take pride in our initial celebrity artist collaborations, which include artworks worth hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars.

“Lifestyle & Entertainment” is the third pillar, which offers complimentary access to exclusive travel privileges and invitations to events organised by the project team and their strategic partners.

Another utility we offer is we enable our users to load their PSR Crypto Debit Card directly from their Metamask Wallet,” says Liu. With over a million businesses and merchants worldwide, PSR Tokens are now accepted anywhere VISA is accepted.

The Project Starter team is constantly innovating and is currently working on a range of other exciting initiatives.

We are actively improving our projects that will delight crypto and NFT enthusiasts alike,” says Liu.

One of these is our own game-changing launchpad, which addresses the several shortcomings of the existing launchpads.

Project Starter’s PSR token has adopted many of the lessons from the recent Terra (Luna) collapse. Crypto is home to a potential revolution in financial innovation. It also suffers from a lack of regulation, market manipulation, hacks, thefts, anonymity, lack of transparency, and a reckless FOMO culture.

Take what you can learn from Terra’s failure and find a project that is adamant on having a full ecosystem with real world utilisation features like ProjectStarter’s “Crypto Hub”. See if you can understand the inner workings of your other crypto investments a little bit better.



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