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MaxAPY Transforms DeFi Space With Unique 3.0 DeFi Yield Farming Protocol

The incredible yield farming protocol delivers the industry’s highest fixed APY by rebasing rewards every 3 seconds and offering a simple buy-stake-hold-earn system that quickly grows portfolios in users’ wallets

MaxAPY is transforming the DeFi space with its unique 3.0 DeFi yield farming protocol. The amazing crypto token aims to become the most disruptive and innovative DeFi tool, offering holders the highest fixed and most sustainable APY.

Using a unique auto staking and auto compounding mechanism, the decentralized crypto asset rewards holders with a fixed compound interest paid directly into their wallets. 

“The Auto-Stake feature is a simple yet cutting-edge function called Buy-Stake-Hold-Earn, that provides the ultimate ease of use for $MaxAPY holders. By simply buying and holding a $MaxAPY token in your wallet, you earn rebase rewards as interest payments directly into your wallet, while your tokens will increase every 3 Seconds.”

MaxAPY has revealed that MaxAPY holders will receive an annual compound interest of 960,000% for Year 1, without having to move their tokens out of their wallets.

According to the developers, the BEP-20 $MAXAPY token possesses an elastic supply and uses a positive rebase formula to reward holders. 

The amazing tokenomics of the phenomenal crypto-asset include a special MaxAPY Insurance Fund that stores 4% of all trading fees, sustaining and backing the staking rewards provided by the positive rebase.

To reduce the circulating supply and keep the MaxAPY protocol stable, 2.5% of all traded $MaxAPY are burnt in The Blazing Inferno, which ultimately increases the value of each token.

A special Vault has also been created to store 3.5% of all fees, which will be used to fund new MaxAPY products, services, and projects. In addition to providing more value to the MaxAPY community, the Vault will also provide funding for marketing activities, as well as buybacks.

4% of all transaction fees have also been earmarked for addition to the Liquidity Pool, to facilitate the seamless buying and selling of $MaxAPY tokens on PancakeSwap, as well as ensuring all-round price stability.

Reiterating its commitment to upholding trust and transparency – which are the governing principles of decentralized finance, the developers at MaxAPY have ensured the safety of investors by subjecting the entire team to a full-scale KYC verification on both Cyberscope and Pinksale.

Additionally, the MaxAPY smart contract has been developed in a way that prevents the team from setting the fees above the maximum of 25%, while also eliminating their ability to pause trading on the contract, to allow all holders to buy and sell tokens whenever they please.

Anyone interested in learning more about the unique 3.0 DeFi yield farming protocol can reach out to MaxAPY via the contact info below.




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