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Master Trainers Marc and Claudia Empower People to Get in Shape and Achieve Optimal Health

Marc and Claudia combine meal planning, training, private coaching and DNA testing to help people lose weight and reach their health goals.

Certified nutrition specialists, master trainers, and master life coaches Marc Saad and Claudia Mars take fitness coaching to the next level by diving deep into the root cause of poor health to bring a transformative fitness program that improves health and empowers clients to be more confident about themselves.

“What makes us unique is our use of a 360-degree approach to health, which leads to greater results compared to others that only focus on one part of the problem. In our opinion, it takes a change in all aspects of life to really change a person and break negative self-fulfilling cycles. We’re so confident in our approach that if you work with us, stay consistent and don’t give up, we guarantee your results,” stated Marc and Claudia.

Everyone is different; what works for one person might not work for another. This is why DNA testing can make a big difference.

The coaches combine DNA testing using saliva, and their expertise in mental and physical wellbeing to help their clients discover optimal nutrition, physical exercises and more. They offer easy-to-follow weekly meal plans as well as workout programs, all of which are custom-made for the clients based on their unique DNA and needs. They focus on gut health, which plays a crucial role in overall wellness. By improving gut health, one can feel happier, more energized, and focused.

Throughout their entire program, clients track their progress and can message their coaches anytime. This creates a sense of ownership in their fitness journey, making them feel more accountable for the actions they’re taking.

According to Marc and Claudia, their coaching program is only for people willing to put in the work to see their intended results. Unlike some fitness coaches who promise easy results without putting in effort, Marc and Claudia emphasize the importance of hard work and dedication. Meaningful and lasting fitness does not come from a magic pill, fad diets, or inconsistent workouts. It comes from creating sustainable and positive lifestyle habits.

Marc and Claudia’s innovative approach speaks for itself. Since the launch of their coaching programs, they’ve helped many individuals achieve their fitness and nutritional goals and keep them in the long run. Marc and Claudia feature dozens of testimonials on their Instagram page (@marcandclaudia).

“My first virtual meeting with Claudia was really special. Finally, a coach who was going to be there for my needs, listening to my body without leaving me alone to solve my problem. In just one month, I had already seen tremendous progress, I couldn’t believe it. After only three months, I confirm to you that I feel so good in my body.

I no longer have the discomfort of bloating. I no longer have a problem with constipation. I have regained the self-confidence that I had lost. I have so much more energy and wake up in good shape. I have no more pain in my knees, my mood is so much more positive and I also have discovered how to nourish my body well with excellent and easy recipes. To top it off, I have lost 25 pounds in three months … Knowing how to take care of myself with my metabolism is the greatest gift I could give myself,” shared Sandra San-José, a happy client.

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About Marc and Claudia

Marc and Claudia is a company built by personal trainers, nutrition specialists and life coaches Marc Saad and Claudia Mars. They help individuals lose weight, build muscle, gain confidence, conquer destructive habits and restore their gut health through meal planning, training, life coaching, genetic testing and one-on-one online coaching.

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