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Masoniverse is the 1st masonic DAO and esoteric NFT Collection of the Metaverse


Freemasonry has been around for hundreds of years. It is the right time for freemasonry to evolve and join the Metaverse with a unique NFT Collection. The ambitious plans to build an extended masonic reality for the NFT holders makes Masoniverse a unique metaverse project.

Governed by UGLM, the United Grand Lodge of Masoniverse, the Masoniverse is a unique and historical NFT collection of 11096 Masonsynths, masonic synths members can activate when attending meetings in the 333 extended reality lodges. Each Masosynth can join multiple Lodges and evolve by progressing through the 15 appendant bodies and masonic orders and 744 Degrees of Masoniverse. 

NFT Holders of all ages, races, religions, and cultures meet in individual Lodges in the esoteric extended reality Masoniverse. Through ceremonies with no political or religious affiliations, we empower our members to become better, be respectful and actively fulfil our responsibilities for building the omniverse.

Masoniverse NFTs – Masonsynths

To become a member of Masoniverse, you must apply to own a Masoniverse NFT, representing a Masonsynth in regalia, a masonic synth that you can activate during the masonic ceremonies in the Extended Reality Lodges.

333 Extended Reality Lodges

The 333 XR Lodges are the meeting spaces where the ceremonies and rituals of the craft happen. The lodges are governed by their 33 members and led by their Worshipful Master. Lodges are under the obedience of UGLM, the United Grand Lodge of Masoniverse DAO. Seven or more Masonsynths can decide to mint a new lodge if at least one of them is a past Worshipful Master. Each lodge has a unique name, number and a unique hand-drawn logo crest full of symbolism. Each lodge has 20 officers, 7 Master Masons, 5 Fellow Craft masons, and 1 Entered Apprentice, totalling 33 members, including the Worshipful Master of the lodge. The Worshipful Master of the lodge is the highest-ranking officer leading the masonic lodge.

15 Orders and 744 Degrees

Each NFT holder can decide to participate in the 15 orders, appendant masonic bodies, and advance their Masonsynth knowledge through the 744 esoteric degrees of Masoniverse. 

If you are interested in owning a Masoniverse NFT, join the Masoniverse discord and view the announcements or visit the Masoniverse website

The pre-sale auction and other critical stages will be announced through the Masoniverse website and Discord server

Freemasonry for the future. Masoniverse.

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Phone: 000666727318
Country: United Kingdom

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