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Maloos Design: Functional Art with a Persian Flair

Unique home accessories, backgammon and chess boards in Persian theme

Maloos Khonsarian, a Chicago-based photographer, painter, and designer, founded Maloos Design in 2018. Her inspiration came from the beautiful patterns and motifs found in historical Persian monuments, which she has developed into functional art with Middle Eastern themes.

As the founder and chief designer, Maloos’s intention is to promote the splendor of magnificent Middle Eastern art by applying it to everyday objects, thus transforming banality into beauty.

Within the brand, Maloos offers products in two key categories: ‘functional art’ (home accessories such as tea sets and table runners), and ‘quality time in style’ (entertainment objects such as board games and playing cards).

With Maloos’s home accessories, any home can embrace minimalistic, mesmerizing Persian patterns. However, entertainment is the core of Maloos Design’s identity; these products were born of Maloos’s passion for spending quality time with loved ones, playing backgammon, and drinking Saffron tea.

Maloos Design began with a single pattern, acquired from a mosaic in a Middle Eastern historical building. Now, it is growing faster than ever and symbolizes an entire culture. Its expansion plan is focused on identifying and redesigning games for younger people as well, using Persian patterns to enhance leisure activities for children and youth as an alternative to social media. These games can be a way for Middle Eastern families to engage with their children and expose them to elements of their heritage in a fun and playful way.

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Company Name: Maloos Design
Contact Person: Maloos Khonsarian
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Phone: 408-775 5636
Country: United States

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