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Making Money On YouTube From The First Day: An Innovative Method for 2022

How many times you dreamed of making money with your own monetized YouTube channel, but you realized that to just getting started, it may take months if not weeks? Yes, because YouTube requires creators to have an established presence and at least 1000 subscribers, before they can even make a dollar out of their videos. But this YouTube marketing platform now supports aspiring creators with top-tier monetized channels for a stable and secure income stream, from day one.

Although many people wish to make a living from their YouTube channels, it can take a long time to meet the monetization thresholds set by YouTube. Most of the creators get discouraged when they cannot hit these thresholds within the first few months. It is also becoming increasingly harder to start a channel from scratch because of the YouTube algorithm and the competition that grows every day. These reasons contribute to creators abandoning their passion a few months into the grind, and so do their hopes of making money with the popular video platform vanish.

To enable these creators with a stable income stream and motivation, LenosTube has launched an initiative of supplying high-tier monetized YouTube channels for every genre or niche. Users can purchase a YouTube channel with custom design, logo, intro, licensed music, and more through this service. The ownership of these monetized channels is entirely transferred to the creators and sets them up for long-term success and more importantly, the ability to have a channel eligible to generate money starting the very first day.

Users don’t have to put in extra hours to start their channel from zero subscribers and views. LenosTube has made it effortless for users to pursue their passion while sticking to a strict budget. This service provider prides itself on competitive pricing, and there isn’t a single brand that can claim the same affordability as LenosTube at the moment, nor this innovative service with niche specific, high quality content for the new channel’s owners.

After purchasing a healthy monetized channel, users can further advance their YouTube journey by building on the channel theme. The high customizability of this service allows users to freely choose everything from the voice-over gender to the video topics. With that said, it has never been easier to purchase monetized channels optimized for any particular niche. 

This is something particularly important, which goes beyond the fact that users can make money instantly. Because, since YouTube algorithm relies on a channel’s history to rank future videos, having a channel which is optimized according to one’s specific niche is not only an advantage in terms of monetization, but also ranking authority on the platform.

And for those who want to make it fully autopilot, there is good news. The LenosTube agency gives a dedicated content production editor at your disposal, in case you want more original videos to be produced even after purchase. And, also in this case, users have full control over the video’s customization, such as the title, the voice-over, the background music and more.

So, if you have been dreaming of creating a YouTube healthy and long-lasting asset without going through all the work required to get started and running, a solution might be just under your nose. See what you can do today by visiting LenosTube Monetized Channels’ Page.

What is LenosTube?

LenosTube has quickly become one of the best, if not the best YouTube marketing service provider on the internet. It has helped countless creators make a living out of their passion and aims to expand its service to the global market. The impressive impact of this service provider on YouTube channel growth can’t be denied when users look at the creator statistics. 

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