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Magnolia Skin Essentials unveils luxurious whipped facial cream for mature skin

Leading clean skincare brand Magnolia Skin Essentials unveiled its Day and Night Whipped Moisturizer, a light and luxurious whipped facial moisturizer packed with anti-aging ingredients that will leave the skin youthful and glowing.

“If you’re 40 and over, you’re probably looking for a moisturizer with anti-aging effects. It can be pretty frustrating to spend time and money on brands that don’t deliver the promised results. That’s why we’re excited to share with you our Day and Night Whipped Moisturizer,” said Lisa Duffy, creator and founder of Magnolia Skin Essentials.

Formulated for mature skin, the Day and Night Whipped Moisturizer is a fluffy, lightweight cream. It is toxin-free, easily absorbed, and packed with anti-aging and cell-repairing ingredients that will bring that youthful glow back to your skin.

The Day and Night Whipped Moisturizer contains Magnolia Bark Extract and Magnolia Blossom Essential Oil, Olive Squalane, Niacinimide, and Argan Oil, among other anti-aging ingredients that hydrate and nourish the skin. 

Lisa says the product lavishes the face with key nutrients and works well for minimizing pores and fine lines, leaving the skin feeling silky and glowing.

“When you’re looking for a moisturizer, it’s essential to look for two things. First, you want to look for ingredients that have been tested and proven in the anti-aging category. But also, you want to make sure there’s enough of those ingredients in the product you’re buying to have a meaningful effect on your face,” Lisa explained. 

Lisa says a lot of products have anti-aging properties, such as retinol, but many brands use them as a “marketing ingredient.” They put minuscule amounts in the product–just enough to say that the ingredient is in the product.

That’s what sets the Magnolia Skin Essentials Day and Night Whipped Moisturizer apart from these brands, Lisa says, because it contains powerful ingredients at percentages that will have meaningful effects to form one of the best clean anti-aging products on the market.

The Magnolia Skin Essentials Day and Night Whipped Moisturizer contains the incredible anti-aging skin benefits of Magnolia bark extract and blossom essential oil, which are the signature ingredients of Magnolia Skin Essentials’ clean skincare products.

Lisa, a 2nd generation Hispanic entrepreneur, is an author, speaker, and former divorce recovery coach for 20 years.

She founded Magnolia Skin Essentials in 2018 and began formulating natural skin care products as a new and exciting way to continue helping people heal; through toxin-free products that are as luxurious and exciting to use as they are good for your skin.

“We use Magnolia extract and essential oil in many of our products because of its bountiful skin benefits and because the Magnolia Flower represents the strength and beauty of women,” Lisa says.

Magnolia Skin Essentials stands out as a clean luxury brand that offers the charm and sophistication of Charleston, South Carolina, touted as the number one travel destination in the world. 

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Contact Person: Lisa Duffy
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Phone: 404-493-2190
Address:117 Hanging Moss Road
City: Summerville
State: SC 29485
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