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Lunar Flare is the revolution in hyper deflationary DEFI protocols set to launch its ICO on the BSC network: A futuristic AI driven protocol is set to go farther than any protocol has gone before

Providing a community driven DEFI protocol aimed to go safely to the next galaxy. This hyper deflationary LP refueling rewards token. It is are aiming for a galaxy far… far away, The tokens hyper-deflationary built in features will become the gold standard within DEFI.

It wasn’t until the western expansion that we thought of Friday the 13th as an unlucky day filled with horrors and bad luck. Until that point the world believed Friday the 13th to be a historically lucky day. It represented the 13 lunar cycles and was the day of the goddesses. A day to honor cycles of creation.

Friday the 13th, Luna Flare Labs kicked off its journey to the most distant galaxy, HD1. “Harikane et al”, HD1 has been crowned the new furthest object in the cosmos, located some 13.5 billion light-years away.

Lunar Flare is a revolutionary LP burning DEFI rewards token. It will be launching on the BSC network and pegged directly to Bitcoin. It uses trading volume, and a mechanism called a Solar Flare to intensively burn its supply over time. The Solar Flare is a guaranteed 1% daily burn, 100% verifiable. You will be able to see the burn on the chart EVERYDAY! This project has elected to start with a supply of 1.35 trillion tokens. This makes the first 1% Solar Flare burn 13.5 billion tokens, in honor of the same distance to be traveled from Earth to HD1.

Lunar Flare Labs have designed a customized buy and burn AI bot to constantly drive price action and burn tokens into universe. Ash bot is designed to kick the project into hyperdrive and move the chart in an upward direction. This unique Artificial Intelligence sets the project light years ahead of the competition!

This token will be the purest form of hyper-deflation the world has ever seen. There will be no developer wallets, and the contract will be time locked where edits to the contract happen in line with the lunar cycle.




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