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LucidFX Launches a Funding Program to Allow Students to Test Their Skills In Fully Funded Accounts

The trading conditions of the LucidFX environment will enable students to work their way up through various stages and grow their account to up to $2M.

FORT WORTH, TX / ACCESSWIRE / June 2, 2021 / LucidFX, a forex education company, today announces the launch of their Funded Trader Program, to help their students test their skills in fully funded accounts, so they can grow their accounts by up to $2M. This initiative is being done in an effort to find the potential top five percent of high-performance traders in the world, and give them the tools and support they need to profit from their knowledge and earn the rewards they deserve.

With over $5T worth of trades conducted every day, the forex market is considered to be the largest financial market in the world. This industry, while lucrative, comes with its own trading hazards, each of which have the potential to keep traders from achieving their investment goals. These hazards include poor money management, failure to adapt to the market, and not maintaining trading discipline. Such oversights, combined with the lack of tacit knowledge, are amongst the many reasons why between 73 percent to 95 percent of all retail traders lose money trading forex. This stresses the importance of intensive and immersive training programs for aspiring traders, no matter their level of experience, to gain all the insights needed to create a solid income with forex trading.

LucidFX offers numerous easy-to-understand resources to help develop the skill sets of aspiring traders, including over 50 videos, weekly Q&As, and private group chats with experts. The forex education company also offers weekly chart outlooks, customer support, access to online communities, and many other benefits as part of its lifetime membership. With over 1,400 active students worldwide, LucidFX is paving the way to creating future proofed career paths for aspiring traders in the post pandemic world.

The LucidFX funding program grants students up to 12 months to complete the evaluation phase, with a low evaluation profit target of six to seven percent. Students that are enrolled in the program will not have to risk any of their own money, and can trade with their own trading strategy without limits or restrictions. Despite trading completely with the capital of LucidFX, students will receive 50 percent of all profits.

"As someone who mastered the ins and outs of forex trading by picking up on it the hard way, I am pleased to launch the Funded Trader program to spare aspiring traders from experiencing devastating pitfalls," says Momodou (Momo) Njie, the Founder of LucidFX. "As we collectively navigate through a series of new normals following a devastating pandemic, we must all do our part to help others succeed, and change people's lives for the better. I do my part through LucidFX, and cannot wait to push the next generation of top tier forex traders forward through the Funded Trader Program."

To learn more, and enroll in the LucidFX Funded Trader Program, please visit:

About LucidFX:
LucidFX is an education company that helps solve the issues forex traders have in understanding the forex market, and helps individuals learn how to create a solid source of income without the need of a boss, and having the ability to work from anywhere in the world with internet access. Lucid FX creates a path for people to have a better lifestyle and financial freedom.

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