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Lucid Leverage LLC Agency Offers Reputation Management In Tempe

Lucid Leverage LLC, a Tempe, AZ based reputation management agency, would like to reach out to businesses in the area that might be looking for a way to better manage their online image. The agency helps businesses deal with negative reviews, lawsuits that are posted on .gov sites and anything else that could seriously harm the way they are perceived by potential customers. With the help of Lucid Leverage, businesses will find that their Google front page will be filled with nothing but excellent 5-Star reviews and pages that the company controls.

“Sometimes, an unscrupulous competitor or disgruntled employee can use bad reviews to discredit your name,” says Christopher Quintela. “It can also be a legitimate customer that had unrealistic expectations about your product or service. Either way, we implement the most cutting-edge technology to suppress those reviews so they are no longer on the top page of Google. In addition, we will take your 5-Star reviews and produce Hollywood style videos to showcase your happy clients and customers. Our Online Reputation Management Service is unique because we use video to influence the search engines on your behalf.”

Most people use the internet to find services they need. This means that the way a business appears online is how it is perceived by most people, and a few negative comments in these spaces can totally ruin their reputation if they are not handled promptly. Customers read reviews when deciding who to work with, and even Google is more likely to bring up a particular business if it has a positive reputation on the internet. A badly managed reputation spells doom for most businesses in the age of the internet, which is why agencies like Lucid Leverage exist to help businesses fix their online image.

The agency, lead by Chris Quintela also offers a range of other services that are aimed at improving a business’ online image. They have a team of press release writing and distribution specialists whose job it is to come up with eye catching, informative press releases explaining any news about a particular business. Whether the business has won an award, launched a new product or simply received a five star review from a valued customer, Lucid Leverage’s press release team has the expertise required to produce quality press releases announcing the fact. Press releases serve as a way to tell people about a brand and branch out to a wider audience. Press releases also have the added effect of influencing search engines in their subjects’ favor.

Lucid Leverage’s unique approach to managing their clients’ online presence has yielded excellent results over the years. “Performing SEO since 2005, our team has worked with clients from every state in the United States along with clients in the UK, Australia and Canada,” the agency says. “Our customers range from the two person plumbing crew in Houston, Texas or Chicago, Illinois to the multi- million dollar e-commerce business based in New York City, San Francisco, Los Angeles or West Hollywood, California. We serve customers in many industries from plastic surgeons, lawyers, contractors, jewelry designers, personal trainers, accountants and even other SEO companies that need a ‘white-label’ service. We pride ourselves in helping small local businesses because we know your struggle. Getting new customers is always a challenge, and getting new leads can be very expensive when using traditional marketing methods or Adwords.”

Lucid Leverage’s work is centered around turning small budgets into strong, effective marketing campaigns. They have received countless positive reviews from some of their most successful customers, and these reviews also serve as examples of the kind of results they can produce for any businesses that choose to make use of Lucid Leverage’s reputation management services.

Lucid Leverage owner Chris Quintela asserts, “Our SEO services are effective and follow industry best practices. When you partner with Lucid Leverage, your business and brand will not only benefit from superior SEO results but also our experienced marketing consulting. Getting the visibility and traffic is the first step. We also help with writing persuasive copy to convert visitors into leads and more sales. There is an art and science to internet marketing, and we will guide you through the process to ensure your business is prepared to handle the relevant visitors looking to do business with you!”

Any business looking for more information on the reputation management agency and SEO resellers, can begin by simply visiting their website. They may also contact the team directly via phone or email.


For more information about Lucid Leverage LLC, contact the company here:

Lucid Leverage LLC
Chris Quintela
[email protected]
60 E. Rio Salado Pkwy 9th Floor Suite 313
Tempe, AZ 85281

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